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AWS Lambda HelloWorld web application with config

This project for helloWorldFunction contains the lambda request handler for replying with a hello response to a name parameter, a context wrapper class and some unit tests.

The response is formatted into HTML using a Mustache template defined in src/main/resources/hellopage.mustache. To return turn the HTML string from the lambda to users as a proper HTML response, use an API Gateway endpoint mapping the request parameter and returning the response with a body mapping template to set a response type of 'text/html'.

The ContextWrapper class is used to wrap the lambda execution context class with a few convenience methods for determining the alias and version of the lambda, and from inferring the execution environment from the function name assuming a naming convention like helloWorldFunction_dev or helloWorldFunction_prd.

Configuration is stored in environment variables in this version (see tags for release v1.0 to look at the DynamoDB configuration based implementation which is now obsolete).

See accompanying blog post for details {TBC}

To run the lambda

Using Gradle 2.9 or higher, gradle build will package the jar and dependencies as a zip file for upload.

Upload your lambda definition using the AWS console. 192MB should be enough memory given the size of the lambda, and set the lambda timeout to 5s. Lower memory may result in OutOfMemoryError and will likely reduce in greater likelihood of first invocation timeout, as memory allocation is directly proportional to compute resources.

On first cold invocation the lambda will sometimes time out but the next warm invocation should return within the expected timeout. This is something to keep an eye on - I haven't played around with the timeout enough to determine which value would prevent the first cold invocation from timing out.


A Java hello world AWS Lambda with configuration pulled from DynamoDB on start







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