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Docker DevTools

Docker DevTools is a set of Docker containers with an easy to use set of aliases to make using Dev tools easier and simpler.

Documentation on (site built with Hugo!)

Let's get cooking

So, lets keep things simple. Assumptions are that you know how to use command line. So if that is not the case then you are going to struggle, but you knew that already right?

Get Docker

[](Get Docker). This is called Docker DevTools so, if you don't have Docker installed, you are going to not be able to do anything. Docker has [](excellent documentation), so I am not going to repeat it here.

Clone Docker-Devtools or Download


I would recommend cloning as this would make it easier to get upgrades in the future... This does require that you have git installed. But if you don't you probably don't have Docker either.

git clone ~/.docker-devtools

Download (not recommended)

Using either curl or wget, get the file. I would recommend you save it to your home directory as ~/.docker-devtools. Whatever you save it as, remember where it is.

unzip ~/.docker-devtools

Add to your .bashrc or .zshrc

If you are using bash or the awesome zsh or some other command line tool then you will need to add these aliases so that you can run them easily.

... (whatever you have before)
source ~/.docker-devtools/

Run a command

Lets try with a simple command. Here is some bad css.

#id {color: brown}
  1. Save this to a file... I'll call it bad.css.
  2. Run stylelint-docker on it:
➜  ~ stylelint-docker bad.css
  1. Get stylelint output.
➜  ~ stylelint-docker bad.css

 1:6   ✖  Expected single space after "{"  block-opening-brace-space-after
          of a single-line block
 1:12  ✖  Expected single space after ":"  declaration-colon-space-after
          with a single-line declaration
 1:16  ✖  Expected single space before     block-closing-brace-space-before
          "}" of a single-line block
 1:16  ✖  Expected a trailing semicolon    declaration-block-trailing-semicolon

--- Stylelint Complete ---
  1. Win o'clock!

Doing more

There is more you can do, you are just starting... So, lets keep going!