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really remove <fieldname>.[]:<type> when choosing index for $in (apac…


The function indexable_fields/1 is supposed to remove extraneous fields
created by the mango_selector_text:convert/1 function so that indexes
will not be bypassed during index selection time. This wasn't working
as expected in the case of $in when the user did not explicitly specify
an array at index time. In fact, we had two different results depending
on whether or not users used all_fields or explicilty specified a
field. Before if you only specified {"name" : "age", "type : "number"}
as a field, you could not query for {"age" : {"$in" : [2, 3]}}. You
had to explicitly add {"name" : "age.[]", "type : "number"} to your
list of indexes so the $in would work. This fixes the scenario and now
should work as expected
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tonysun83 authored and willholley committed Aug 15, 2017
1 parent f9fbe27 commit 21f07a2cb5579a96edae2ea795eeca43cac8766c
Showing with 12 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 src/mango/src/mango_idx_text.erl
  2. +11 −7 src/mango/test/
@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ indexable_fields(Fields, {op_or, [{op_field, Field0},
{op_field, {[Name | _], _}} = Field1]}) ->
case lists:member(<<"[]">>, Name) of
true ->
indexable_fields(Fields, Field1);
indexable_fields(Fields, {op_field, Field0});
false ->
Fields1 = indexable_fields(Fields, {op_field, Field0}),
indexable_fields(Fields1, Field1)
@@ -64,6 +64,16 @@ def test_in_with_array(self):
docs = self.db.find({"favorites": {"$in": vals}})
assert len(docs) == 10
def test_in_with_array_not_explicit(self):
agelist = [22, 51]
statelist = ["New Hampshire"]
docs = self.db.find({"age": {"$in": agelist}})
docs2 = self.db.find({"location.state": {"$in": statelist}})
docs3 = self.db.find({"age": {"$in": statelist}})
assert len(docs) == 2
assert len(docs2) == 1
assert len(docs3) == 0
# This should also throw an error because we only indexed
# favorites.[] of type string. For the following query to work, the
# user has to index favorites.[] of type number, and also
@@ -75,16 +85,10 @@ def test_in_different_types(self):
except Exception, e:
assert e.response.status_code == 400
# This test differs from the situation where we index everything.
# When we index everything the actual number of docs that gets
# returned is 5. That's because of the special situation where we
# have an array of an array, i.e: [["Lisp"]], because we're indexing
# specifically favorites.[] of type string. So it does not count
# the example and we only get 4 back.
def test_nin_with_array(self):
vals = ["Lisp", "Python"]
docs = self.db.find({"favorites": {"$nin": vals}})
assert len(docs) == 4
assert len(docs) == 5
def test_missing(self):
self.db.find({"location.state": "Nevada"})

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