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Plantgod is an Evolutionary Algorithm for generating pixel art "plants".

READ MORE about the project here:

While "plants" is a very generous term, it does in fact function though ultimately showing a premature bias due to using a truncated selection methods.

Current Status

This project is "done" from the perspective of its core author, whom will press on to other projects. If anyone is interested though, feel free to fork and PR and I will review and comment/approve.

Running the project

Plantgod works as a python script. After cloning or pulling the repo, simply run


From within the projects root directory. This will generate a series of images for the plants generated under art/rendered.

Some samples can be found in the repo within subfolders of that directory.

Configuring plant generations

You can adjust and modify the basic values of plant generation at the top of the script.


The number of generations to run the algorithm over.


Starting number of randomly generated plants to pick from


Number of survives to select from each generation


Width in pixels of each plant


Height in pixel of each plant


Percent of total height to start root generation at