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Bukkit plugin for using designated potions for a certain interval of time
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Bukkit plugin for using designated potions for a certain interval of time


  • /plotionlist
    • Lists all of the possible potions you can use with this plugin
  • /potion {type of potion} {duration potion should have effect}
    • Gives the player the designated potion for the designated amount of time
    • NOTE Currently there is a limit set to 10 minutes on the max potion usage time, and a 5 minute cooldown in between usage periods. This will eventually be adjustable ina config.yml file

Types of Potions MTCPotions supports:

  • fireresistance (makes player immune to fire)
  • invisibility (makes player invisible)
  • night vision (Allows you to see very well during night time)
  • regeneration (Heals the player gradually)
  • strength (Gives player greater strength
  • swiftness (Makes player faster)
  • jump (Allows player to jump higher)
  • haste (Allows player to dig / mine / use arms faster
  • scuba (Allows player to breath underwater)

Permission Nodes

  • potions.*
    • Use of all possible potions
  • potions.use.fireresistance
    • Use of fire resistance potion
  • potions.use.invisibility
    • Use of invisibility potion
  • potions.use.nightvision:
    • Allows you to use night vision potions
  • potions.use.regeneration:
    • Allows you to use regeneration potions
  • potions.use.strength:
    • description: Allows you to use strength potions
  • potions.use.swiftness:
    • Allows you to use swiftness potions
  • potions.use.jump:
    • Allows you to use jump potions
  • potions.use.haste:
    • Allows you to use haste potions
  • potions.use.scuba:
    • Allows you to use scuba potions

To Do:

  • Config file
  • Allow ediitng of cooldown time
  • Allow editing of max potion time

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