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Raptor 2

Starting with the first change in Raptor is the removal of the old core and the use of Slim microframework in it's place. After a lot of testing we fall in love of Slim to take the place of the core, with very documentation and periodical updates.

In the beginning we decide base the arquitecture of raptor in the Symfony proposal, reducing the congnitive charge with people that see this filosofy.

What change? Thanks to the feedbak of all kind of developer, we figure out that exist many factors inside of this arquitecture in particular the configurations methods that complicate or destroy our main gold of reducing the conginitive charge. In Raptor 2 we remove the unnecesary configurations files, routes chains through configuration and in general all the things that can be a sustancial charge to the developer.

In real terms all the routes declarations is delegated in the definitions to the controllers through annotations. Besides of grouping in it's real place we remove all the execive configurations in the system, making easy the task of developing. The configuration location or app is delegated to the real resposability meaning that is for global configurations only, never interfering with the bundle logic.

Clients libreries

One of our goal is provide a full integration with the client side libreries providing security mechanism to protect the comunications beetwen layers. Raptor include Extjs, jQuery and Angular with no need of intalled, you can create fully configuraded templates in every tecnology and just used with no especial action needed. The Ui generator guarantee that creation in the correct way. The system give you access to functions in the front-end thanks to the javascript core always accesible through the Raptor object.

New functions and bundles

The new characteristics include the view plugins mechanisms, inyecting code in our definitions or in the defined by Raptor. We can do a lot of things with this, create new javascript functions inyecting them to the javascript core Raptor, inyect new functions to the Raptor panel etc.

The new instalation component guarantee in a visual way the installation and the importing of bundles from a local repository(in short time can be remote). To give support to this system we implanted the installation manifiest concept. This concept determine the bundle state and instalations directives to the Raptor bundle. In this way the system implement the automatic detection and installation of compoments, besides the removal of ghost bundles.

Installation proccess

It's real easy to run and install, download the source, uncompress in your web server and give permissions if you are in a UNIX enviroment.

After that you are ready to run Raptor in you localhost machine like this: http://localhost/Raptor2/web/dev.php

You must run it through the dev front in order to get the development enviroment

Enjoy your Raptor !! Is easy to use, faster to run and great to build apps