This is a YOURLS plugin to allow forward slashes in URL keywords.
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Allow Forward Slashes in Short URLs

  • Plugin Name: Allow Forward Slashes in Short URLs
  • Plugin URI:
  • Description: Allow Forward Slashes in Short URLs
  • Version: 1.0
  • Author: William Bargent

This plugin will allow forward slashes / in keywords when shortening URLS with YOURLS.

*NOTE This plugin will not work with URL Forwarding plugins active. Deactivate before activating this plugin.


  1. Download these file as a .zip.
  2. Extract the three files and copy them into a New Folder called forward-slash-in-urls.
  3. Copy this folder.
  4. Paste this folder in your YOURLs directory under users/plugins/.
  5. Go to your plugin manager and click Activate.