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mason-lspconfig bridges mason.nvim with the lspconfig plugin - making it easier to use both plugins together.
:help mason-lspconfig.nvim

Table of Contents


:h mason-lspconfig-introduction

mason-lspconfig.nvim closes some gaps that exist between mason.nvim and lspconfig. Its main responsibilities are to:

  • register a setup hook with lspconfig that ensures servers installed with mason.nvim are set up with the necessary configuration
  • provide extra convenience APIs such as the :LspInstall command
  • allow you to (i) automatically install, and (ii) automatically set up a predefined list of servers
  • translate between lspconfig server names and mason.nvim package names (e.g. sumneko_lua <-> lua-language-server)

It is recommended to use this extension if you use mason.nvim and lspconfig (it's strongly recommended for Windows users).

Note: this plugin uses the lspconfig server names in the APIs it exposes - not mason.nvim package names. See this table for a complete mapping.


:h mason-lspconfig-requirements

  • neovim >= 0.7.0
  • mason.nvim
  • lspconfig



use {


Plug 'williamboman/mason.nvim'
Plug 'williamboman/mason-lspconfig.nvim'
Plug 'neovim/nvim-lspconfig'


:h mason-lspconfig-quickstart

It's important that you set up the plugins in the following order:

  1. mason.nvim
  2. mason-lspconfig.nvim
  3. Setup servers via lspconfig

Pay extra attention to this if you lazy-load plugins, or somehow "chain" the loading of plugins via your plugin manager.


-- After setting up mason-lspconfig you may set up servers via lspconfig
-- require("lspconfig").sumneko_lua.setup {}
-- require("lspconfig").rust_analyzer.setup {}
-- ...

Refer to the Configuration section for information about which settings are available.

Automatic server setup (advanced feature)

:h mason-lspconfig-automatic-server-setup

mason-lspconfig provides extra, opt-in, functionality that allows you to automatically set up LSP servers installed via mason.nvim without having to manually add each server setup to your Neovim configuration. Refer to :h mason-lspconfig-automatic-server-setup for more details.


:h mason-lspconfig-commands

  • :LspInstall [<server>...] - installs the provided servers
  • :LspUninstall <server> ... - uninstalls the provided servers


:h mason-lspconfig-settings

You may optionally configure certain behavior of mason-lspconfig.nvim when calling the .setup() function. Refer to the default configuration for a list of all available settings.


    ensure_installed = { "sumneko_lua", "rust_analyzer" }

Default configuration

    -- A list of servers to automatically install if they're not already installed. Example: { "rust_analyzer@nightly", "sumneko_lua" }
    -- This setting has no relation with the `automatic_installation` setting.
    ensure_installed = {},

    -- Whether servers that are set up (via lspconfig) should be automatically installed if they're not already installed.
    -- This setting has no relation with the `ensure_installed` setting.
    -- Can either be:
    --   - false: Servers are not automatically installed.
    --   - true: All servers set up via lspconfig are automatically installed.
    --   - { exclude: string[] }: All servers set up via lspconfig, except the ones provided in the list, are automatically installed.
    --       Example: automatic_installation = { exclude = { "rust_analyzer", "solargraph" } }
    automatic_installation = false,

Available LSP servers

Language Server name
AWK awk_ls
Ada als
Angular angularls
Ansible ansiblels
Apex apex_ls
Arduino arduino_language_server
Assembly (GAS/NASM, GO) asm_lsp
Astro astro
Bash bashls
Beancount beancount
Bicep bicep
Buf bufls
C clangd
C# csharp_ls
C# (docs) omnisharp_mono
C# (docs) omnisharp
C++ clangd
CMake cmake
CSS cssls
CSS cssmodules_ls
Clarity clarity_lsp
Clojure clojure_lsp
CodeQL codeqlls
Crystal crystalline
Cucumber cucumber_language_server
Cue dagger
Deno denols
Dhall dhall_lsp_server
Diagnostic (general purpose server) diagnosticls
Dlang serve_d
Docker dockerls
Dot dotls
EFM (general purpose server) efm
ESLint eslint
Elixir elixirls
Elm elmls
Ember ember
Emmet emmet_ls
Erg erg_language_server
Erlang erlangls
F# fsautocomplete
Flux flux_lsp
Foam (OpenFOAM) foam_ls
Fortran fortls
Glint glint
Go golangci_lint_ls
Go gopls
Gradle gradle_ls
Grammarly grammarly
GraphQL graphql
Groovy groovyls
HTML html
Haskell hls
Haxe haxe_language_server
Hoon hoon_ls
JSON jsonls
Java jdtls
JavaScript quick_lint_js
JavaScript tsserver
Jsonnet jsonnet_ls
Julia (docs) julials
Kotlin kotlin_language_server
LaTeX ltex
LaTeX texlab
Lelwel lelwel_ls
Lua sumneko_lua
Luau luau_lsp
Markdown marksman
Markdown prosemd_lsp
Markdown remark_ls
Markdown zk
Metamath Zero mm0_ls
Nickel nickel_ls
Nim nimls
Nix rnix
OCaml ocamllsp
OneScript, 1C:Enterprise bsl_ls
OpenAPI spectral
OpenCL opencl_ls
PHP intelephense
PHP phpactor
PHP psalm
Perl perlnavigator
Powershell powershell_es
Prisma prismals
Puppet puppet
PureScript purescriptls
Python jedi_language_server
Python pyright
Python sourcery
Python (docs) pylsp
R r_language_server
ReScript rescriptls
Reason reason_ls
Robot Framework robotframework_ls
Rome rome
Ruby ruby_ls
Ruby solargraph
Rust rust_analyzer
SQL sqlls
SQL sqls
Salt salt_ls
Shopify Theme Check theme_check
Slint slint_lsp
Solidity solang
Solidity solc
Solidity solidity
Sorbet sorbet
Sphinx esbonio
Stylelint stylelint_lsp
Svelte svelte
SystemVerilog svlangserver
SystemVerilog svls
SystemVerilog verible
TOML taplo
Tailwind CSS tailwindcss
Teal teal_ls
Terraform terraformls
Terraform (docs) tflint
TypeScript tsserver
V vls
Vala vala_ls
VimL vimls
Visualforce visualforce
Vue volar
Vue vuels
WGSL wgsl_analyzer
XML lemminx
YAML yamlls
Zig zls


Extension to mason.nvim that makes it easier to use lspconfig with mason.nvim. Strongly recommended for Windows users.







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