🐛 🐚 Recover Grub is a shell script to recover the grub on Linux (Arch Linux).
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Recover Grub - Version 2.0 Recover Grub Logotype


"Recover Grub" is a shell script that allows recovery the Grub in Linux in a more automatic way, not needing the user remember and type complicated commands.


By default, the "Recover Grub" is compatible only with the Archlinux.


A - Insert the CD / DVD (or Pendrive Bootable) of Arch Linux distribution the machine and give boot.

B - After starting the terminal Arch Linux, you must make a connection to the Internet to perform the download the "Recover Grub" and then run it. If the machine is connected via a network cable, probably the connection is already available (if not, set). If connection by Wifi, use the command:

  # wifi-menu

  This command will enable a setting with the internet through
  of wifi. When setting up your connection, use the following
  command to ping and test the connection to the internet:

  # ping -c3 archlinux.org

  If the answer is not "ping: unknown host archlinux.org", your connection is active.

C - With the active internet may have to download the "Recover Grub". To do this, run the following command:

  # curl -L git.io/recover-grub -o recover-grub


  # wget git.io/recover-grub

D - As "Recover Grub" in hand, the next step is running for permission of "Recover Grub" and choose the machine device where the Arch Linux is

  # chmod +x recover-grub
  # recover-grub device

E - After choosing the "Recover Grub" will enter the chroot session for you to run the Grub recovery command. The command is:

  # recover-grub start

F - The "Recover Grub" is quite intuitive, after finishing, he will tell to restart the machine that the recovery was successful. Run the command:

  # reboot


MIT License (MIT) https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

© Recover Grub. William C. Canin. All rights reserved. ®