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Math 141: Calculus I -- USC Sp 2014
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Math 141: Calculus I, Spring 2014

Instructor: Dr. William DeMeo email
Teaching Assistant: Mr. Michael Cowen email
Office: LeConte College, Room 314C.
Office hours: Wednesday 14-15, Friday 11-12 and 14-15, and by appointment.
Course Webpage:

The course webpage will list the material covered, the assigned homework, test dates, and any supplemental material. It will be updated often as we progress through the material, so you should check it routinely. If you have any trouble accessing the site or downloading materials from it, please notify the professor immediately. (Blackboard will only be used to record grades.)

Class Meetings

Lecture: MWF 12--12:50pm LeConte College Room 113
Recitation: Tue 8:30--9:20am LeConte Room 121
Lab: Thu 8:30--9:20am LeConte Room 102

Overview, Prerequisites, Outcomes, Accessibility

Overview: We will cover most of the first six chapters of the textbook, which includes the following topics: functions, limits, derivatives, introduction to integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, applications of derivatives and integrals.

Prerequisites: Placement code 3MPC-17 or MA4-9 or MD0-9 required; earned by grade of C or better in MATH 112, 115, 116, or by Precalculus Placement Test.

Learning Outcomes: Students will master concepts and solve problems based on functions, limits, derivatives, introductory integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and applications of derivatives and integrals.

Accessibility: If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or otherwise, and need any assistance please notify me immediately.


Stewart, Calculus Early Transcendentals, 6th ed.

Important Note: you do not need to buy the textbook using the link above. It is only provided for your reference. In fact, if you buy the book online, it may or may not come with access to the WebAssign online homework system.

Any version of the textbook---e.g., hardcover, paperback, eBook---is fine, but you will need access to WebAssign in order to complete your homework assignments. You can purchase access directly through the WebAssign website, but it may be more economical to buy a hard copy of the book that comes bundled with a WebAssign access code. Such bundles are available in the university bookstore.

You must have access to WebAssign for this course. To reiterate, you can purchase it separately from the WebAssign website, or as part of a textbook bundle at the university bookstore. Note that, since WebAssign access provides you with a (somewhat restricted) electronic version of the textbook, it is not absolutely necessary to purchase a hard copy of the book. However, it is highly recommended that you have a hard copy, or at least an electronic version that you can view on a tablet when studying in the library. If you limit yourself to only the electronic access that is provided through WebAssign, you may not find it very convenient and, as a result, you might end up studying from the textbook less often than if you had purchased a hard copy.


Mid-term Exams: There will be two mid-term exams each worth 20% of the final course grade. The exams will be scheduled as we progress and you will be given at least one week notice of the exam date. Do not make and travel arrangements which would cause you to miss a lecture, or you might end up missing one of these exams and there are no make-up exams.

Final Exam: Friday, May 2, 4:00--6:30 in LeConte 113
In accordance with university policy, the final exam must be taken by all students at the scheduled time. There are no make-up exams.

USC Spring 2014 Final Exam Schedule


Solving lots of problems is the best way to prepare yourself to do well on the tests and quizzes, and ultimately do well in the course. Online homework will be assigned approximately once per week and will typically be due on Friday evenings. Late homework will not be accepted or graded. Your 10 best homework assignments will be counted toward your grade.

All homework for this course will be done with WebAssign. You will enroll yourself in our course by going to the WebAssign website and using the following class key:

WebAssign Class Key: sc 3475 0829

Make-up Policy

There will be no make-up homework or exams. If you must miss an exam for a legitimate reason, contact the professor at least three days prior to the exam date and you might be allowed to take the exam before the scheduled exam time.

If you miss a test due to unforseen circumstances, you must contact the professor within one class meeting after the missed test and provide an explanation. If your excuse is accepted, the missed test score may be replaced with 80% of your final exam score. For example, if your excuse is accepted and you score a 90% on the final, then you will receive a 72% for the missed test (0.80*0.90 = 0.72).

Grading Policy

The breakdown of the final course grade is as follows:

  • Final exam: 30 points
  • Mid-term exams: 20 points each
  • Computer lab: 10 points
  • Homework: 13 points total (subject to change)
  • Quizzes: 7 points total (subject to change)

The score required to attain a given letter grade is shown below. The scale may be shifted at the end of the semester, depending on overall student performance. All curving (if any) will occur at the end of the semester.

  • A: 92--100
  • B+: 87--91
  • B: 82--86
  • C+: 77--81
  • C: 72--76
  • D+: 67--71
  • D: 60--66
  • F: 0--59


Students are expected to attend all classes, recitations, and computer labs. A grade penalty will be exacted if you have an excessive number of absences (whether excused or unexcused); see the Bulletin of Undergraduate Studies. Specifically, you are permitted (but strongly discouraged from taking) seven absences in total between lecture, lab, and recitation. Each absence in addition to that may result in the deduction of points from your final grade. In most of the lectures, attendance will be recorded by passing around a sign-in sheet on which you will print and sign your own name. (If another student asks you to sign in for them, you should not do it! Forging another student's signature constitutes a violation of the student code of conduct and will be referred to the USC Office of Academic Integrity.) If you plan to leave before class is over, the correct procedure is to mention this to the professor before the start of class. It is impolite and disruptive to your classmates to leave, or even pack up your belongings, before the lecture is over.

Use of Electronics During Lecture

Silence and refrain from using all electronic devices (phones, ipods, tablets, microwave ovens, etc.) during class and exam periods. The only exception to this policy is the use of computers or tablets for the purpose of referring to an electronic copy of the textbook, or the online (WebAssign) homework problems. Using a computer during lecture to check your Facebook account, for example, will not be tolerated. Besides preventing you from learning, it is disturbing to other students.

Academic Honesty

Cheating will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will be referred to and dealt with by the USC Office of Academic Integrity, in a manner consistent with university regulations, which range from a warning to expulsion from the university.

Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring

Supplemental Instruction consists of review sessions run by undergraduate students who took this course previously and aced it.

The Math Tutoring Center runs walk-in help desks around campus. No appointment necessary.

Important Dates

  • Jan 13, Mon Classes begin
  • Jan 17, Fri Last day to drop without a grade of "W"
  • Jan 20, Mon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no class)
  • Feb 3, Mon Last day to apply for May graduation
  • Mar 3, Mon Last day to drop or withdraw without a "WF"
  • Mar 9-16, Sun-Sun Spring break (no classes)
  • Apr 28, Mon Last day of classes
  • Apr 29, Tue Reading day
  • May 2, Final exam 4:00--6:30 LeConte 113

USC five year calendar

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