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#!/usr/bin/env python
import commands
import getpass
from cookielib import CookieJar, LWPCookieJar
import locale
import mimetypes
import os
import subprocess
import re
import sys
import tempfile
import textwrap
import xmlrpclib
import readline
except ImportError:
readline = None
from bugz.bugzilla import BugzillaProxy
BUGZ: ---------------------------------------------------
BUGZ: Any line beginning with 'BUGZ:' will be ignored.
BUGZ: ---------------------------------------------------
DEFAULT_COOKIE_FILE = '.bugz_cookie'
# Auxiliary functions
def get_content_type(filename):
return mimetypes.guess_type(filename)[0] or 'application/octet-stream'
def raw_input_block():
""" Allows multiple line input until a Ctrl+D is detected.
@rtype: string
target = ''
while True:
line = raw_input()
target += line + '\n'
except EOFError:
return target
# This function was lifted from Bazaar 1.9.
def terminal_width():
"""Return estimated terminal width."""
if sys.platform == 'win32':
return win32utils.get_console_size()[0]
import struct, fcntl, termios
s = struct.pack('HHHH', 0, 0, 0, 0)
x = fcntl.ioctl(1, termios.TIOCGWINSZ, s)
width = struct.unpack('HHHH', x)[1]
except IOError:
if width <= 0:
width = int(os.environ['COLUMNS'])
if width <= 0:
return width
def launch_editor(initial_text, comment_from = '',comment_prefix = 'BUGZ:'):
"""Launch an editor with some default text.
Lifted from Mercurial 0.9.
@rtype: string
(fd, name) = tempfile.mkstemp("bugz")
f = os.fdopen(fd, "w")
editor = (os.environ.get("BUGZ_EDITOR") or
if editor:
result = os.system("%s \"%s\"" % (editor, name))
if result != 0:
raise RuntimeError('Unable to launch editor: %s' % editor)
new_text = open(name).read()
new_text = re.sub('(?m)^%s.*\n' % comment_prefix, '', new_text)
return new_text
return ''
def block_edit(comment, comment_from = ''):
editor = (os.environ.get('BUGZ_EDITOR') or
if not editor:
print comment + ': (Press Ctrl+D to end)'
new_text = raw_input_block()
return new_text
initial_text = '\n'.join(['BUGZ: %s'%line for line in comment.split('\n')])
new_text = launch_editor(BUGZ_COMMENT_TEMPLATE % initial_text, comment_from)
if new_text.strip():
return new_text
return ''
# Bugz specific exceptions
class BugzError(Exception):
class PrettyBugz:
def __init__(self, args):
self.quiet = args.quiet
self.columns = args.columns or terminal_width()
self.user = args.user
self.password = args.password
self.passwordcmd = args.passwordcmd
self.skip_auth = args.skip_auth
cookie_file = os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], DEFAULT_COOKIE_FILE)
self.cookiejar = LWPCookieJar(cookie_file)
except IOError:
if getattr(args, 'encoding'):
self.enc = args.encoding
self.enc = locale.getdefaultlocale()[1]
self.enc = 'utf-8'
if not self.enc:
self.enc = 'utf-8'
self.log("Using %s " % args.base) = BugzillaProxy(args.base, cookiejar=self.cookiejar)
def log(self, status_msg, newline = True):
if not self.quiet:
if newline:
print ' * %s' % status_msg
print ' * %s' % status_msg,
def warn(self, warn_msg):
if not self.quiet:
print ' ! Warning: %s' % warn_msg
def get_input(self, prompt):
return raw_input(prompt)
def bzcall(self, method, *args):
"""Attempt to call method with args. Log in if authentication is required.
return method(*args)
except xmlrpclib.Fault, fault:
# Fault code 410 means login required
if fault.faultCode == 410 and not self.skip_auth:
return method(*args)
def login(self, args=None):
"""Authenticate a session.
# prompt for username if we were not supplied with it
if not self.user:
self.log('No username given.')
self.user = self.get_input('Username: ')
# prompt for password if we were not supplied with it
if not self.password:
if not self.passwordcmd:
self.log('No password given.')
self.password = getpass.getpass()
process = subprocess.Popen(self.passwordcmd.split(), shell=False,
self.password, _ = process.communicate()
# perform login
params = {}
params['login'] = self.user
params['password'] = self.password
if args is not None:
params['remember'] = True
self.log('Logging in')
if args is not None:
os.chmod(self.cookiejar.filename, 0600)
def logout(self, args):
self.log('logging out')
def search(self, args):
"""Performs a search on the bugzilla database with the keywords given on the title (or the body if specified).
valid_keys = ['alias', 'assigned_to', 'component', 'creator',
'limit', 'offset', 'priority', 'product', 'resolution',
'severity', 'status', 'version', 'whiteboard']
search_opts = sorted([(opt, val) for opt, val in args.__dict__.items()
if val is not None and opt in valid_keys])
params = {}
for key in args.__dict__.keys():
if key in valid_keys and getattr(args, key) is not None:
params[key] = getattr(args, key)
if getattr(args, 'terms'):
params['summary'] = args.terms
search_term = ' '.join(args.terms).strip()
if not (params or search_term):
raise BugzError('Please give search terms or options.')
if search_term:
log_msg = 'Searching for \'%s\' ' % search_term
log_msg = 'Searching for bugs '
if search_opts:
self.log(log_msg + 'with the following options:')
for opt, val in search_opts:
self.log(' %-20s = %s' % (opt, val))
if not 'status' in params.keys():
params['status'] = ['CONFIRMED', 'IN_PROGRESS', 'UNCONFIRMED']
elif 'ALL' in params['status']:
del params['status']
result = self.bzcall(, params)['bugs']
if not len(result):
self.log('No bugs found.')
self.listbugs(result, args.show_status)
def get(self, args):
""" Fetch bug details given the bug id """
self.log('Getting bug %s ..' % args.bugid)
result = self.bzcall(, {'ids':[args.bugid]})
for bug in result['bugs']:
self.showbuginfo(bug, args.attachments, args.comments)
def post(self, args):
"""Post a new bug"""
# load description from file if possible
if args.description_from is not None:
if args.description_from == '-':
args.description =
args.description = open( args.description_from, 'r').read()
except IOError, e:
raise BugzError('Unable to read from file: %s: %s' %
(args.description_from, e))
if not args.batch:
self.log('Press Ctrl+C at any time to abort.')
# Check all bug fields.
# XXX: We use "if not <field>" for mandatory fields
# and "if <field> is None" for optional ones.
# check for product
if not args.product:
while not args.product or len(args.product) < 1:
args.product = self.get_input('Enter product: ')
self.log('Enter product: %s' % args.product)
# check for component
if not args.component:
while not args.component or len(args.component) < 1:
args.component = self.get_input('Enter component: ')
self.log('Enter component: %s' % args.component)
# check for version
# FIXME: This default behaviour is not too nice.
if not args.version:
line = self.get_input('Enter version (default: unspecified): ')
if len(line):
args.version = line
args.version = 'unspecified'
self.log('Enter version: %s' % args.version)
# check for title
if not args.summary:
while not args.summary or len(args.summary) < 1:
args.summary = self.get_input('Enter title: ')
self.log('Enter title: %s' % args.title)
# check for description
if not args.description:
line = block_edit('Enter bug description: ')
if len(line):
args.description = line
self.log('Enter bug description: %s' % args.description)
# fixme: hw platform
# fixme: os
# check for default priority
if args.priority is None:
priority_msg ='Enter priority (eg. Normal) (optional): '
line = self.get_input(priority_msg)
if len(line):
args.priority = line
self.log('Enter priority (optional): %s' % args.priority)
# check for default severity
if args.severity is None:
severity_msg ='Enter severity (eg. normal) (optional): '
line = self.get_input(severity_msg)
if len(line):
args.severity = line
self.log('Enter severity (optional): %s' % args.severity)
# check for default alias
if args.alias is None:
alias_msg ='Enter an alias for this bug (optional): '
line = self.get_input(alias_msg)
if len(line):
args.alias = line
self.log('Enter alias (optional): %s' % args.alias)
# check for default assignee
if args.assigned_to is None:
assign_msg ='Enter assignee (eg. (optional): '
line = self.get_input(assign_msg)
if len(line):
args.assigned_to = line
self.log('Enter assignee (optional): %s' % args.assigned_to)
# check for CC list
if is None:
cc_msg = 'Enter a CC list (comma separated) (optional): '
line = self.get_input(cc_msg)
if len(line): = line.split(', ')
self.log('Enter a CC list (optional): %s' %
# fixme: groups
# fixme: status
# fixme: milestone
if args.append_command is None:
args.append_command = self.get_input('Append the output of the following command (leave blank for none): ')
self.log('Append command (optional): %s' % args.append_command)
# raise an exception if mandatory fields are not specified.
if args.product is None:
raise RuntimeError('Product not specified')
if args.component is None:
raise RuntimeError('Component not specified')
if args.summary is None:
raise RuntimeError('Title not specified')
if args.description is None:
raise RuntimeError('Description not specified')
if not args.version:
args.version = 'unspecified'
# append the output from append_command to the description
if args.append_command is not None and args.append_command != '':
append_command_output = commands.getoutput(args.append_command)
args.description = args.description + '\n\n' + '$ ' + args.append_command + '\n' + append_command_output
# print submission confirmation
print '-' * (self.columns - 1)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Product', args.product)
print '%-12s: %s' %('Component', args.component)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Title', args.summary)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Version', args.version)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Description', args.description)
# fixme: OS
# fixme: hardware
print '%-12s: %s' % ('priority', args.priority)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('severity', args.severity)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('alias', args.alias)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Assigned to', args.assigned_to)
print '%-12s: %s' % ('CC',
# fixme: groups
# fixme: status
# fixme: Milestone
print '-' * (self.columns - 1)
if not args.batch:
if args.default_confirm in ['Y','y']:
confirm = raw_input('Confirm bug submission (Y/n)? ')
confirm = raw_input('Confirm bug submission (y/N)? ')
if len(confirm) < 1:
confirm = args.default_confirm
if confirm[0] not in ('y', 'Y'):
self.log('Submission aborted')
params['product'] = args.product
params['component'] = args.component
params['version'] = args.version
params['summary'] = args.summary
if args.description is not None:
params['description'] = args.description
if args.priority is not None:
params['priority'] = args.priority
if args.severity is not None:
params['severity'] = args.severity
if args.alias is not None:
params['alias'] = args.alias
if args.assigned_to is not None:
params['assigned_to'] = args.assigned_to
if is not None:
params['cc'] =
result = self.bzcall(, params)
self.log('Bug %d submitted' % result['id'])
def modify(self, args):
"""Modify an existing bug (eg. adding a comment or changing resolution.)"""
if args.comment_from:
if args.comment_from == '-':
args.comment =
args.comment = open(args.comment_from, 'r').read()
except IOError, e:
raise BugzError('unable to read file: %s: %s' % \
(args.comment_from, e))
if args.comment_editor:
args.comment = block_edit('Enter comment:')
params = {}
if args.blocks_add is not None or args.blocks_remove is not None:
params['blocks'] = {}
if args.depends_on_add is not None \
or args.depends_on_remove is not None:
params['depends_on'] = {}
if args.cc_add is not None or args.cc_remove is not None:
params['cc'] = {}
if args.comment is not None:
params['comment'] = {}
if args.groups_add is not None or args.groups_remove is not None:
params['groups'] = {}
if args.keywords_set is not None:
params['keywords'] = {}
if args.see_also_add is not None or args.see_also_remove is not None:
params['see_also'] = {}
params['ids'] = [args.bugid]
if args.alias is not None:
params['alias'] = args.alias
if args.assigned_to is not None:
params['assigned_to'] = args.assigned_to
if args.blocks_add is not None:
params['blocks']['add'] = args.blocks_add
if args.blocks_remove is not None:
params['blocks']['remove'] = args.blocks_remove
if args.depends_on_add is not None:
params['depends_on']['add'] = args.depends_on_add
if args.depends_on_remove is not None:
params['depends_on']['remove'] = args.depends_on_remove
if args.cc_add is not None:
params['cc']['add'] = args.cc_add
if args.cc_remove is not None:
params['cc']['remove'] = args.cc_remove
if args.comment is not None:
params['comment']['body'] = args.comment
if args.component is not None:
params['component'] = args.component
if args.dupe_of:
params['dupe_of'] = args.dupe_of
args.status = None
args.resolution = None
if args.groups_add is not None:
params['groups']['add'] = args.groups_add
if args.groups_remove is not None:
params['groups']['remove'] = args.groups_remove
if args.keywords_set is not None:
params['keywords']['set'] = args.keywords_set
if args.priority is not None:
params['priority'] = args.priority
if args.product is not None:
params['product'] = args.product
if args.resolution is not None:
params['resolution'] = args.resolution
if args.see_also_add is not None:
params['see_also']['add'] = args.see_also_add
if args.see_also_remove is not None:
params['see_also']['remove'] = args.see_also_remove
if args.severity is not None:
params['severity'] = args.severity
if args.status is not None:
params['status'] = args.status
if args.summary is not None:
params['summary'] = args.summary
if args.url is not None:
params['url'] = args.url
if args.version is not None:
params['version'] = args.version
if args.whiteboard is not None:
params['whiteboard'] = args.whiteboard
if args.fixed:
params['status'] = 'RESOLVED'
params['resolution'] = 'FIXED'
if args.invalid:
params['status'] = 'RESOLVED'
params['resolution'] = 'INVALID'
if len(params) < 2:
raise BugzError('No changes were specified')
result = self.bzcall(, params)
for bug in result['bugs']:
changes = bug['changes']
if not len(changes):
self.log('Added comment to bug %s' % bug['id'])
self.log('Modified the following fields in bug %s' % bug['id'])
for key in changes.keys():
self.log('%-12s: removed %s' %(key, changes[key]['removed']))
self.log('%-12s: added %s' %(key, changes[key]['added']))
def attachment(self, args):
""" Download or view an attachment given the id."""
self.log('Getting attachment %s' % args.attachid)
params = {}
params['attachment_ids'] = [args.attachid]
result = self.bzcall(, params)
result = result['attachments'][args.attachid]
action = {True:'Viewing', False:'Saving'}
self.log('%s attachment: "%s"' %
(action[args.view], result['file_name']))
safe_filename = os.path.basename(re.sub(r'\.\.', '',
if args.view:
print result['data'].data
if os.path.exists(result['file_name']):
raise RuntimeError('Filename already exists')
fd = open(safe_filename, 'wb')
def attach(self, args):
""" Attach a file to a bug given a filename. """
filename = args.filename
content_type = args.content_type
bugid = args.bugid
summary = args.summary
is_patch = args.is_patch
comment = args.comment
if not os.path.exists(filename):
raise BugzError('File not found: %s' % filename)
if content_type is None:
content_type = get_content_type(filename)
if comment is None:
comment = block_edit('Enter optional long description of attachment')
if summary is None:
summary = os.path.basename(filename)
params = {}
params['ids'] = [bugid]
fd = open(filename, 'rb')
params['data'] = xmlrpclib.Binary(
params['file_name'] = os.path.basename(filename)
params['summary'] = summary
if not is_patch:
params['content_type'] = content_type;
params['comment'] = comment
params['is_patch'] = is_patch
result = self.bzcall(, params)
self.log("'%s' has been attached to bug %s" % (filename, bugid))
def listbugs(self, buglist, show_status=False):
for bug in buglist:
bugid = bug['id']
status = bug['status']
assignee = bug['assigned_to'].split('@')[0]
desc = bug['summary']
line = '%s' % (bugid)
if show_status:
line = '%s %s' % (line, status)
line = '%s %-20s' % (line, assignee)
line = '%s %s' % (line, desc)
print line.encode(self.enc)[:self.columns]
except UnicodeDecodeError:
print line[:self.columns]
self.log("%i bug(s) found." % len(buglist))
def showbuginfo(self, bug, show_attachments, show_comments):
('summary', 'Title'),
('assigned_to', 'Assignee'),
('creation_time', 'Reported'),
('last_change_time', 'Updated'),
('status', 'Status'),
('resolution', 'Resolution'),
('url', 'URL'),
('severity', 'Severity'),
('priority', 'Priority'),
('creator', 'Reporter'),
('product', 'Product'),
('component', 'Component'),
('whiteboard', 'Whiteboard'),
for field, name in FIELDS + MORE_FIELDS:
value = bug[field]
if value is None or value == '':
except AttributeError:
print '%-12s: %s' % (name, value)
# print keywords
k = ', '.join(bug['keywords'])
if k:
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Keywords', k)
# Print out the cc'ed people
cced = bug['cc']
for cc in cced:
print '%-12s: %s' % ('CC', cc)
# print out depends
dependson = ', '.join(["%s" % x for x in bug['depends_on']])
if dependson:
print '%-12s: %s' % ('DependsOn', dependson)
blocked = ', '.join(["%s" % x for x in bug['blocks']])
if blocked:
print '%-12s: %s' % ('Blocked', blocked)
bug_comments = self.bzcall(, {'ids':[bug['id']]})
bug_comments = bug_comments['bugs']['%s' % bug['id']]['comments']
print '%-12s: %d' % ('Comments', len(bug_comments))
bug_attachments = self.bzcall(, {'ids':[bug['id']]})
bug_attachments = bug_attachments['bugs']['%s' % bug['id']]
print '%-12s: %d' % ('Attachments', len(bug_attachments))
if show_attachments:
for attachment in bug_attachments:
aid = attachment['id']
desc = attachment['summary']
when = attachment['creation_time']
print '[Attachment] [%s] [%s]' % (aid, desc.encode(self.enc))
if show_comments:
i = 0
wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper(width = self.columns)
for comment in bug_comments:
who = comment['creator']
when = comment['time']
what = comment['text']
print '\n[Comment #%d] %s : %s' % (i, who, when)
print '-' * (self.columns - 1)
if what is None:
what = ''
# print wrapped version
for line in what.split('\n'):
if len(line) < self.columns:
print line.encode(self.enc)
for shortline in wrapper.wrap(line):
print shortline.encode(self.enc)
i += 1
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