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WiFi Testing

Scripts and configurations for testing WiFi devices.

Tests can be run directly on a host machine, or against a VirtualBox VM.

You can either run on your host, or use to run the tests from within a VM. Run scripts from the root of this repo.

This project is a sloppy collection of scripts. Files are here for documentation, but do not expect the best quality. I would not recommend adapting/forking this for your own needs, as I expect the scripts to change drastically.


  • python3
  • nmcli
  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox


Build the test VM.



Unplug your USB NIC.

Reset the VM before a test run.


Connect your USB NIC.

Go into the VM settings in VirtualBox and add the USB WiFi device.

You could potentially make other customizations to the VM at this time if you like. For instance, you could install custom drivers or install certain packages. Note, any changes will be lost whenever you restore the snapshot.

Run tests against the VM.


Analyze the results.


You can reset and retest as often as needed. Deleting the VM will require a rebuild.