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Command line DAQ for LeCroy X-Stream oscilloscopes.

Written by W. H. Bell [ ]


The oscilloscope parameters are set from the values given in the control/settings.txt file. The scope is then setup and readout for a given number of triggers. The data taken from the scope are decoded and recorded in a Root TTree saved in a ROOT file.

Building the code

cd src
cd ..

By default, the code requires ROOT [ ] to build. However, this dependency can be removed by removing RootTreeOutput from the OBJECTS= list in the src/Makefile .

More details on the structure of the code are given in the src/README.txt file.

Setup the scope parameters

The oscilloscope settings are controlled by the text file


where each parameter name is given followed by at least one space or tab, and then the value for the parameter.

Running the code

./bin/scopeDAQ.exe [options]

where [options] is optional and can be:

  • -h to print the possible options
  • -d to enable the debug mode, to print more information
  • -m to set the run mode, where can be 0, 1, or 2.
  • -n to set the executable to read a fixed number of events
  • -o to set the output file name prefix
  • -p to override the default control/settings.txt parameters file name

Run modes:

  • 0 - read oscilloscope traces, decode them and write the data as a ROOT TTree.
  • 1 - read oscilloscope traces and write them in the binary data format
  • 2 - read the binary data format and write out a ROOT TTree. In this mode the data is read from the input files, rather than from the oscilloscope.


Command line DAQ for LeCroy X-Stream oscilloscopes




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