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Streamline mobile application authentication with QuickerAuth
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QuickerAuth provides a way for your users to login to your mobile application simply by scanning a QR-code. It is simple, secure and easy to use. Instead of having to type in a long password the user simply scans the QR code and gets signed in.

QuickerAuth is platform-agnostic and works just as well for mobile web applications as for native ones.

How it works

When the user requests it the desktop app displays a QR code. The user then scans this code either with a scanning app (e.g. RedLaser) or with your application. Once the code is scanned the mobile app sends an HTTP request to your backend. The backend then verifies the code and replies with an authentication token, which the mobile app stores and uses for all future API requests.

Why use QuickerAuth?

A good way to ensure user retention is using mobile apps. The problem facing users is that the process of downloading and logging into your application is tedious. QuickerAuth makes authentication super simple.

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