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Taking a Line for a Walk

a drawing gif a drawing gif

This is a code experiment to study the expressions of an active line, inspired by Paul Klee's idea of "taking a line for a walk".

Try the interactive demos and read more about the concept.

Hope you like this! Please ping me @williamngan if you have questions and feedbacks.


Just simple prototype code in javascript ES6. Nothing fancy.

Take a look at LineForm.js which contains a set of functions to create lines.

Then check out BaseLine and its extended classes such as RestatedLine to see how a line is animated and drawn.

This uses Pt.js for drawing. Pt is an experimental library on point, form, and space. And roll.js which is a little library for scrolling slideshow.


Run gulp in Terminal, and take a look at gulpfile.

You may ask: where are the import xyz? why not use browserify/webpack/npm/what-not? The answer is that I can't be bothered ;-)