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Test project to demonstrate UI Testing hanging on UITableViews w/ 500+ rows.
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#UI Testing Table View Hang Demo Project#

This project demonstrates UI Testing hanging when there's a UITableView in the view hierarchy with more than 500 rows in it.

Could be 1 section with 500 rows, or 10 sections with 50 rows...number of sections doesn't matter. Doesn't matter that only a small subset of the rows are visible and cells have actually been generated.

The hang occurs when either accessing the app hierarchy:


Or creating an expectation that waits for a view element to appear:

expectation(for: NSPredicate(format: "exists == 1"),  
                    evaluatedWith: app.tables["OuterTableView"],  
                    handler: nil);  
waitForExpectations(timeout: 5, handler: nil)  

Created a radar bug report #28884023

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