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The Platar tools....

mysql_snapback - Backs up MySQL databases living on ZFS filesystems using snapshots.
	* SnapBack understands how to quiesce MySQL for consistent backups of InnoDB tables 
	  (usually avoiding InnoDB recovery on a restore). Most of the open source scripts 
	  focus exclusively on MyISAM, and forget about disabling AUTOCOMMIT.
	* SnapBack records the current master log file name and position in the naming of 
	  the snapshot (to aid creating replication slaves). Frankly, you can take any SnapBack 
	  backup and create a slave from that point-in-time. You don't really need to know you want to do that at the time you pull the backup.
	* SnapBack is aware that InnoDB logs and table space are usually on different zpools 
	  for performance, and can snap both pools in a single backup.
	SnapBack 1.1 (aka Rev. 1524) Requirements 

	Solaris 6/06 or later…or…any recent build of OpenSolaris that has ZFS.
	Python 2.4
	MySQL for Python (aka. MySQLdb)
	MySQL Client libraries