Math 581F - Autumn 2013 - Computational Number Theory
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Math 581F - Autumn 2013 - Computational Number Theory

  • MWF at 11:30 in Padelford C401
  • William Stein
  • Enrollment status page (requires login)

Course Goal

  • Collaboratively write a book called "A Computational Tour of Number Theory"


  • Your grade will be based on your contributions to the book.

  • You will write and polish parts of the book based on lectures, independent reading, research, etc.

  • Create a project on devoted to this class with your name and "581f" in its title, and add me "William A Stein" as a collaborator.


  • Each day we'll do quick status reports at the beginning of class to see what each person has contributed.

  • Friday, Sept 27:
    • class groups, FLT, etc. (see how far we get)

  • Monday, Sept 30: bring your laptop
    • first status reports:
      • what you did on book?
      • what relevant background for the course you've read?
    • tutorial about using to do latex and compute things
    • tutorial about using git to work on the book