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Official ERRATA for first published version:

  • (found by Robert Baillie) On page 32: Gauss did not live from 1824 to 1908. He lived from 1777 to 1855. In the pdf, the dates that he lived are omitted. These are actually the dates of the artist who drew the standard portrait of Gauss!

  • (found by Jim Shapiro) On page 30 the first sentence starts "Mathematicians seems to agree ...". I'd take that final 's' off of the second word.

  • (found by Jim Shapiro) Pages 35 and 36 are inconsistent. On page 35 you calculate that Gauss thought he was off by 225 primes, but on the next page it says: "So when Gauss thought his curve missed by 226. I think, from the accompanying text on page 35, that the first estimate is correct.

  • (found by Jim Shapiro) On pages 72-74, where you introduce the Dirac delta function in Figure 25.4, the discontinuity is at x = 3, but at the bottom of page 73 you talk about "smaller and smaller intervals about the origin." I think you mean "about x = 3". And I am not sure if, on page 74 in the first paragraph you want to say "large" negative numbers or x << 3. Same for large positive numbers.

  • (found by Jim Shapiro) Page 100, near the bottom of the page: "So in Figure 32.2 ..." should refer to Figure 32.3, the figure with the derivative.

  • (found by Avner Ash) Page 100, line -4: $\hat\Phi'$ should be $\hat\Phi$ without the prime.

  • (found by Mark Hunacek) - there is no third formulation of the Riemann Hypothesis. (There used to be one, but we deleted it, but still left the fourth as "the fourth formulation".)

  • (found by Mark Hunacek) - the definition of the Bernoulli numbers on page 120 is nonstandard.