Screamer.js is a Vanilla Javascript plugin to provide simple yet fully customisable web notifications using Web Notifications API.
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Minion using Megaphone

Screamer.js is a Vanilla Javascript plugin to provide simple yet fully customisable web notifications using Web Notifications API.


screenshot of notifications

If you want to see how it works, take a look at the DEMO.


  1. Download the zip
  2. Paste the screamer.js at your js assets folder.
  3. If you want to use same images, get them on [] and paste to your img assets folder.

How to Use


var Screamer = require('screamer');
var notification = new Screamer(options);


define([ 'Screamer' ], function( Screamer ) {
  var notification = new Screamer(options);

To create the Notification you have to create a new instance of Screamer, set some options that you wish and use the notify method to start the notification. Take a look at this snippet:

// create an instance of Screamer with some options
var scream = new Screamer({
    'title': 'Success!',
    'body': 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.',
    'icon': 'icon_success.png',
    'fade': 1000

// adding an eventListener to call the Notification
var button = document.querySelector('#fade');
button.addEventListener('click', function(){

You can attach this to different events, like onload, ready or anything else that allows to call the notify method.


  • title (string) - notification title. (REQUIRED)
  • body (string) - notification message.
  • icon (string) - path to the notification icon.
  • tag (string) - unique identifier to stop duplicate notifications.
  • lang (string) - language of the notification. (default: en).
  • timeout (integer) - time in miliseconds to fade the notification.
  • before (function) - A callback function called before show the notification.
  • after (function) - A callback function called after show the notification.

Static Methods

  • Screamer.verifySupport() - Function to test for Web Notifications API browser support.
  • Screamer.checkPermission() - Verify if permission exists, if not, request a permission and verify if granted.


First of all, install the NodeJS and deppendencies.

npm install

Later, you can run all tests running:

npm test

This should be open a Firefox instance and do a single run of tests.

Run Demo locally

Because the Web Notification require some permissions, you have to run this on a single server. An easy way to run this is:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Pay attention if your port is not in use.

Browser Support

This library relies on Web Notifications API. And this API is supported in the following browsers.

Chrome Firefox Opera Safari IE
31+ ✔ 38+ ✔ 32+ ✔ 8+ ✔ Nope ✘


This project would be nothing without this guys:


This plugin is free and open source software, distributed under the The MIT License. So feel free to use this to create notifications for your site without linking back to me or using a disclaimer.

If you’d like to give me credit somewhere on your blog or tweet a shout out to @willian_justen, that would be pretty sweet.