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Ian McCunn imccunn

@ExpediaDotCom Seattle

Rob J Hyndman robjhyndman

Professor of Statistics, Monash University

Monash University Australia

Oliver Gierke olivergierke

Spring Data Project Lead @ Pivotal, OpenSource enthusiast, all things Spring, data, DDD, REST and software architecture. Musician, producer... Soul Power!

Pivotal Software, Inc. Dresden, Germany

Michael Glenney Maniacal

New Context Phoenix, Arizona, US

Kristoffer Smith theksmith

explorer / developer / maker / hacker / consumer / offroader

Dev Button LLC Phoenix, AZ

Brian Kardell bkardell

Front-end engineer - Betterifying the Web Co-author Extensible Web Manifesto | Standards Dude (JS Foundation) email: bkardell@gmail

Pittsburgh, PA

Michael Lavelle michaellavelle

Building the services that power Echobox, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help online publishers boost their traffic from Social.

Echobox London, UK

Nick Willever nictrix

Software & Systems Engineer

None Arizona

Jon Gillies rykr30

Apollo Group Phoenix, AZ

Rafael Ferreira rferreira Phoenix

Jim Sidler jvsidler

Five Thrive Phoenix, Arizona

Aaron Raddon araddon

CTO/Founder @lytics. Work on golang, distributed data pipelines. Two main side-projects are Golang embedded [x]QL engine qlbridge & @dataux Portland, OR