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Releases: williewillus/Botania

[FINAL] Build 321

07 Sep 19:18
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This is the final release of Botania Unofficial.
Thanks everybody for your support during my watch, and I'm glad to have brought you continued fun and enjoyment these past 8 months.
Til' next time!

  • williewillus

The next chapter:


  • Code/asset cleanups


  • Fix avatar and cocoon being invisible in inventory
  • Fix bergamute making custom sound classes infinite loop (RFTools, Dynamic Surroundings)

Build 320

28 Aug 13:44
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This is getting ridiculous ><


  • Crash when putting petal in petal apothecary
  • Stars not showing in GoG skybox

Build 319

27 Aug 17:57
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Important: If you use Natural Pledge, be sure to update to Natural Pledge 1.5 or above!

Hotfix on the hotfix, ugh. See build 318/317 for full changelog.


  • Fix crash due to particels spawning serverside
  • Fix Botania's banner patterns not showing up on shields (LGcommisar)
  • Floral powder is now registered to oredict name "dye" (pau101)


Build 318

25 Aug 02:26
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Once again, use the next build :/

Important: If you use Natural Pledge, be sure to update to Natural Pledge 1.5 or above!

Hotfix. See previous build 317 for full release notes.


  • Gaia Guardian crashing with ConcurrentModificationException

Build 317

24 Aug 00:52
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Use next build pls

Important: If you use Natural Pledge, be sure to update to Natural Pledge 1.5 or above!

Small build, but school is starting tomorrow so I want to get this out before a drop in activity.
Java 8, Baubles, Forge 2053+, JEI 3.7.8


  • zh_CN lang updates (3TUSK)
  • Lexicon picture for crafty crate shows updated Crafting Placeholder texture (Luxor5393)
  • Internal cleanups
  • Optimized floating flower model, it should render faster now when animated, I will continue to explore options to optimize the animated ones
  • Also added a config option to render floating flowers statically. This means they don't animate but render not just faster but A LOT faster. This option makes them render as fast as normal blocks like fences.


  • Fixed Bergamute having flower particle colour not matching what the flower looks like (this doesn't affect the particles it makes when it absorbs a sound)
  • Fixed Bergamute not working on ticking sounds like minecarts
  • Fix orechid running clientside and being weird
  • Fix pixies despawning immediately clientside, meaning they were invisible and couldn't be attacked
  • Fix pixies flying too slowly towards their targets
  • Fix banner back-textures not being reversed like they should be


Build 316

15 Aug 18:44
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new Build!
Java 8, Baubles, Forge 2053+, JEI 3.7.8


  • [API] Elven trade recipes now can output multiple (shadowfacts)
  • Added a special tiny potato for me :D
  • Bubbell now less laggy
  • Magic flower recipes now show properly in JEI
  • Mana blaster now shows the active lens on the barrel
  • Corporea no longer runs clientside
  • Mana Enchanter is now more lax about what can go on an item:
    • Before, used Enchanting Table rules to determine if item can be enchanted, now uses anvil rules
    • Lets you apply unbreaking to shields, etc.
  • Remove vineball + cobble -> moss stone recipe (there's a cheaper vanilla one)
  • Remove old tooltips from Coarse Dirt and Mob Spawner


  • All special tiny potatoes should now render properly
  • Fix CTRL+SHIFT crash for some blocks
  • Fix dupe glitches due to old code assuming player only has one hand
  • Fix shaded-mesa-thrown items not having proper pickup delay
  • Fix crash when digging flowers
  • Fix spark animation when requesting items from Corporea being missing
  • Fix flare lens not working
  • Fix comparator not working with corporea retainer
  • Fix livingroot blocks looking weird in world
  • Fix things like the mana tooltip bar not matching with the item's actual tooltip
  • Fix Ender Hand being desync-y
  • Fix some missing sideonly's causing crashes with Sponge or other reflecting mods


Build 315

04 Aug 01:33
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Small build but again I need some fires to get put out
Java 8, JEI 3.7.8, Forge 2044+


  • Fix blocks disappearing, transforming, or becoming missing models on chunk reload
  • Forge fixed a pretty serious vanilla bug in the blockstate ID map in 2027, that a lot of mods were unintentionally relying upon. However, that fix was incomplete and was not completely resolved until 2044. If you are running the mod in a version in this range of buggy Forges from 2027-2044 (I'm looking at you Unstable >.>) be aware that I've had users report blocks disappearing or transforming when upgrading out of that range. You've been warned, and I'm very sorry for the bugs.


  • More json and model registration cleanup
  • Lexicon 3D model is back! Looks a bit wonky in the left hand but works good enough
  • Removed option to "disable 1.8 stones" (they were removed). The mana infusion recipes for the vanilla versions are now always-on
  • Black Hole Talisman uses capabilities to deposit things.
  • Version checker now just piggybacks off the Forge version checker
  • Small performance boost to the very laggy floating flower rendering. A more effective solution is being worked on


  • Fix said 1.8 stone mana infusion recipes acting weird in the presence of the Ore Dict

Build 314

29 Jul 23:41
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Small build, but necessary to put out some fires.
For 1.10.2 only!
Built on Java 8, Forge 2041 (anything above 2018 should work), JEI 3.7.8


  • Made a bunch of eventhandlers static. That probably means nothing to most of you, other than things will run negligibly faster :P
  • The day is here: All blocks duplicated from vanilla/Quark have been removed. The nag is gone as well - you're welcome ;). PLEASE ensure you have heeded the nag if you've built with these blocks as they'll disappear!
  • Added ManaDiscountEvent (Flaxbeard)
  • Mana Enchanter costs more to apply treasure enchantments.
  • Remove some log spam from Mana Enchanter.


  • Fix blocks turning into other blocks when being placed (Forge fixed a vanilla bug I was unintentionally relying on)
  • Fix cacophonium not working at all
  • Fix slingshot not working properly
  • Fix walls being flipped around in inventory
  • model cleanups ongoing
  • code cleanups as obfuscated lambdas work now

Build 313 (1.9.4 and 1.10.2)

21 Jul 01:29
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This will be the final build for 1.9.4.
Built on Java 8, Forge 1965, Baubles 1.2, and JEI 3.6


  • Blacklist TC aura nodes from Rod of Shaded Mesa
  • Added the Bergamute, a sound muffler. Will be tweaked in the future (texture: Tiktalik)


  • Fix two Rings of Chordata behaving weirdly (howtonotwin)
  • Fix starcaller not working
  • Fix halos crashing
  • Fix rod of bifrost going batshit and generating thousands of chunks out
  • Fix crash when using a Wand of the Forest on a Crafty Crate from a dispenser
  • Fix sparks duping when they unload
  • Fix bows being OP in 1.10
  • Made secret feature X more reliable
  • Fix some particle effects being missing
  • Fix ancient wills not working

Build 312 (1.9.4 and 1.10.2)

30 Jun 01:30
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Small build for the update to 1.10.2
This jar supports both 1.9.4 and 1.10.2.
Not tested nor supported on 1.10.0 though it should in theory work fine there.

Built on Java 8, Forge 1965, Baubles 1.2, and JEI 3.6


  • Pick block for pool cart, sparks
  • Can now fill an apothecary using a fluid cap supporting containers


  • Fix burst ranges being much shorter than they should really be
  • Fix magic flowers emitting light
  • Fix glitch flower achievement showing a missing texture instead of poppy
  • Fix desync when withdrawing from runic altar
  • Fix drums having the wrong sound
  • Fix weapons in Key of King's Law aiming weird
  • Fix some items looking awkward in 3rd person