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;; TCP implementation
;; Copyright (C) 2011 Dr. John A.R. Williams
;; Author: Dr. John A.R. Williams <>
;; Keywords:
;; This file is part of Lisp Educational Network Simulator (LENS)
;; This is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
;; See <>
;;; Commentary:
;; This provides the basic TCP protocol interface and common implementation
;; specific varieties need to implement newack dupack retx-timerevent
;; The same class is used for listener and responder - the listener copies
;; itself on a new connection filling in the peer information etc
;; See Tanenbaum "Computer Networks" (TCN) section 6.5.
;;; Code:
(defpackage :protocol.layer4.tcp
(:documentation "package for TCP class implementations")
(:nicknames :tcp)
(:use :cl :common :protocol.layer4 :address :protocol.layer4.rtt)
(:import-from :protocol
#:protocol-number #:send #:receive #:drop #:control-message)
(:import-from :packet
#:packet #:pop-pdu #:push-pdu #:peek-pdu #:trace-format #:fid)
(:import-from :alg
#:enqueue #:dequeue #:make-queue #:empty-p
#:make-binary-heap #:binary-heap #:peek)
(:import-from :node
#:node #:interfaces #:find-interface)
(:import-from :scheduler
#:time-type #:cancel #:timer #:schedule #:timers
#:simulation-time #:timeout #:with-timers)
(:import-from :protocol.layer3 #:ttl #:tos)
(:import-from :trace #:default-trace-detail)
(:import-from :protocol.layer5
#:data #:data-concatenate #:data-subseq)
(:export #:tcp-header #:tcp-dmux #:tcp-tahoe #:tcp-reno #:tcp-newreno))
(in-package :protocol.layer4.tcp)
(defclass tcp-dmux(protocol-dmux)
(:documentation "Protocol demultiplexer for received TCP packets"))
(register-protocol 'tcp-dmux 6)
(defenumeration (tcp-flags (unsigned-byte 8))
((fin #x01)
(syn #x02)
(rst #x04)
(psh #x08)
(ack #x10)
(urg #x20)
(max-flag #x40)))
(defvar *tcp-flags-format* :text "Format for logging TCP flags")
(defun cl-user::tcp-flags(os flags &optional colon-p at-p
d padchar exponentchar)
"Formatter for TCP flags"
(declare (ignore colon-p at-p d padchar exponentchar))
((stringp *tcp-flags-format*)
(format os *tcp-flags-format* flags))
((eql *tcp-flags-format* :text)
(let ((first t))
(dolist(flag tcp-flags)
(when (logtest (symbol-value flag) flags)
(if first (setf first nil) (write-char #\| os))
(write-string (string flag) os)))
(when first (write 0 :stream os))))
(t (format os "~2,'0X" flags))))
(defclass tcp-header(pdu)
:type (unsigned-byte 16) :initarg :src-port :reader src-port)
:type (unsigned-byte 16) :initarg :dst-port :reader dst-port)
:type (unsigned-byte 32) :initarg :sequence-number :reader sequence-number)
:type (unsigned-byte 32) :initarg :ack-number :initform 0
:reader ack-number)
:type (unsigned-byte 8) :initarg :header-length :initform 20
:reader header-length)
:type (unsigned-byte 8) :initarg :flags :initform 0 :reader flags)
:type (unsigned-byte 16) :initarg :window :initform 0 :reader window)
:type (unsigned-byte 16) :initarg :checksum :initform 0 :accessor checksum)
:type (unsigned-byte 16) :initarg :urgent-pointer :initform 0
:reader urgent-pointer)
:initarg :cwnd :type integer :reader congestion-window
:documentation "Not part of TCP header but used for simulation analysis"))
(:documentation "TCP PDU class"))
(defmethod name ((h tcp-header)) "TCP")
(defmethod length-bytes((h tcp-header)) 20)
(defmethod trace-format((h tcp-header))
'(src-port dst-port sequence-number ack-number header-length
(flags " ~/tcp-flags/") window (checksum " ~4,'0X")
urgent-pointer congestion-window))
;; define TCP state machine
;; states are integers indexing first index in the state table
;; events are integers indexing second index in state table
;; state table returns a new state and an action - a function
;; which takes the event, the tcp protocol entity,
;; and optionally a received packet, header and destination address as keywords
(defenumeration (tcp-states (unsigned-byte 4))
(closed ;; No connection is active or pending
listen ;; The server is waiting for an incoming call
syn-sent ;; Application has started to open a connection
syn-rcvd ;; A connection request has arrived, wait for ACK
established ;; normal data transfer state
close-wait ;; The other side has initiated a release
last-ack ;; Wait for all packets to die off
fin-wait-1 ;; Application has said it is finished
fin-wait-2 ;; Other side has agreed to repease
closing ;; both sides have tried to close simultaneously
timed-wait ;; wait for all packets to die off
(defun state-name(state) (elt tcp-states state))
(defenumeration (tcp-events (unsigned-byte 4))
(app-listen app-connect app-send seq-recv app-close timeout ack-rx
syn-rx syn-ack-rx fin-rx fin-ack-rx rst-rx bad-flags last-event))
(defun event-name(event) (elt tcp-events event))
(defenumeration (tcp-actions (unsigned-byte 5))
(no-act ack-tx ack-tx-1 rst-tx syn-tx syn-ack-tx fin-tx fin-ack-tx
new-ack new-seq-rx retx tx-data peer-close app-closed cancel-tm
app-notify serv-notify last-action))
;; fill in tcp state table
(eval-when(:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defparameter *state-table*
(make-array (list last-state last-event) :element-type 'cons)
"The TCP state table")
(let ((state (symbol-value (first state-row))))
(let ((event (symbol-value (first event-row)))
(new-state (symbol-value (second event-row)))
(action (third event-row)))
(setf (aref *state-table* state event)
(list new-state action))))
(rest state-row))))
;; a list - car is current state, rest is event list - each row
;; is the event, the new state and the action
'((closed ;; closed state
(app-listen listen no-act)
(app-connect syn-sent syn-tx)
(app-send closed rst-tx)
(seq-recv closed no-act)
(app-close closed no-act)
(timeout closed rst-tx)
(ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
;; listen state
;; for the listen state anything other than connect or send
;; is simply ignored....this likely indicates the child tcp
;; has finished and issued unbind call but the remote end
;; has not yet closed.
(app-listen listen no-act)
(app-connect syn-sent syn-tx)
(app-send syn-sent syn-tx)
(seq-recv listen no-act)
(app-close closed no-act)
(timeout listen no-act)
(ack-rx listen no-act)
(syn-rx listen syn-ack-tx)
(syn-ack-rx listen no-act)
(fin-rx listen no-act)
(fin-ack-rx listen no-act)
(rst-rx listen no-act)
(bad-flags listen no-act))
(syn-sent ;; syn sent state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect syn-sent syn-tx)
(app-send syn-sent no-act)
(seq-recv established new-seq-rx)
(app-close closed rst-tx)
(timeout closed no-act)
(ack-rx syn-sent no-act)
(syn-rx syn-rcvd syn-ack-tx)
(syn-ack-rx established ack-tx-1)
(fin-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(rst-rx closed app-notify)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(syn-rcvd ;; syn recvd state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect closed rst-tx)
(app-send closed rst-tx)
(seq-recv established new-seq-rx)
(app-close fin-wait-1 fin-tx)
(timeout closed rst-tx)
(ack-rx established serv-notify)
(syn-rx syn-rcvd syn-ack-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-ack-rx close-wait peer-close)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(established ;; established state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect closed rst-tx)
(app-send established tx-data)
(seq-recv established new-seq-rx)
(app-close fin-wait-1 fin-tx)
(timeout established retx)
(ack-rx established new-ack)
(syn-rx syn-rcvd syn-ack-tx)
(syn-ack-rx established no-act)
(fin-rx close-wait peer-close)
(fin-ack-rx close-wait peer-close)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(close-wait ;; close wait state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect syn-sent syn-tx)
(app-send close-wait tx-data)
(seq-recv close-wait new-seq-rx)
(app-close last-ack fin-ack-tx)
(timeout close-wait no-act)
(ack-rx close-wait no-act)
(syn-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx close-wait ack-tx)
(fin-ack-rx close-wait ack-tx)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(last-ack ;; close last ack state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect syn-sent syn-tx)
(app-send closed rst-tx)
(seq-recv last-ack new-seq-rx)
(app-close closed no-act)
(timeout closed no-act)
(ack-rx closed app-closed)
(syn-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx last-ack fin-ack-tx)
(fin-ack-rx closed no-act)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(fin-wait-1 ;; fin-wait-1 state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect closed rst-tx)
(app-send closed rst-tx)
(seq-recv fin-wait-1 new-seq-rx)
(app-close fin-wait-1 no-act)
(timeout fin-wait-1 no-act)
(ack-rx fin-wait-2 new-ack)
(syn-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx closing ack-tx)
(fin-ack-rx timed-wait ack-tx)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(fin-wait-2 ;; fin-wait-2 state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect closed rst-tx)
(app-send closed rst-tx)
(seq-recv fin-wait-2 no-act)
(app-close fin-wait-2 no-act)
(timeout fin-wait-2 no-act)
(ack-rx fin-wait-2 new-ack)
(syn-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx timed-wait ack-tx)
(fin-ack-rx timed-wait ack-tx)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(closing ;; closing state
(app-listen closed rst-tx)
(app-connect closed rst-tx)
(app-send closed rst-tx)
(seq-recv closed rst-tx)
(app-close closed rst-tx)
(timeout closing no-act)
(ack-rx timed-wait no-act)
(syn-rx closed rst-tx)
(syn-ack-rx closed rst-tx)
(fin-rx closed ack-tx)
(fin-ack-rx closed ack-tx)
(rst-rx closed cancel-tm)
(bad-flags closed rst-tx))
(timed-wait ;; timed-wait state
(app-listen timed-wait no-act)
(app-connect timed-wait no-act)
(app-send timed-wait no-act)
(seq-recv timed-wait no-act)
(app-close timed-wait no-act)
(timeout timed-wait no-act)
(ack-rx timed-wait no-act)
(syn-rx timed-wait no-act)
(syn-ack-rx timed-wait no-act)
(fin-rx timed-wait no-act)
(fin-ack-rx timed-wait no-act)
(rst-rx timed-wait no-act)
(bad-flags timed-wait no-act)))))
;; fill in flag events table
(eval-when(:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defparameter *flag-events*
(make-array max-flag :initial-element bad-flags
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
"Mapping between flags and events")
#'(lambda(entry) (setf (aref *flag-events* (first entry))
(symbol-value (second entry))))
'((#x00 seq-recv) ;; no flags
(#x01 fin-rx) ;; fin
(#x02 syn-rx) ;; syn
(#x04 rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x08 seq-recv) ;; psh flag is not used
(#x09 fin-rx) ;; fin
(#x0a syn-rx) ;; syn
(#x0c rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x10 ack-rx) ;; ack
(#x11 fin-ack-rx);; fin/ack
(#x12 syn-ack-rx);; syn/ack
(#x14 rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x18 ack-rx) ;; ack
(#x19 fin-ack-rx);; fin/ack
(#x1a syn-ack-rx);; syn/ack
(#x1c rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x20 seq-recv) ;; no flags (urgent not presently used)
(#x21 fin-rx) ;; fin
(#x22 syn-rx) ;; syn
(#x24 rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x28 seq-recv) ;; psh flag is not used
(#x29 fin-rx) ;; fin
(#x2a syn-rx) ;; syn
(#x2c rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x30 ack-rx) ;; ack (urgent not used)
(#x31 fin-ack-rx);; fin/ack
(#x32 syn-ack-rx);; syn/ack
(#x34 rst-rx) ;; rst
(#x38 ack-rx) ;; ack
(#x39 fin-ack-rx);; fin/ack
(#x3a syn-ack-rx);; syn/ack
(#x3c rst-rx)))) ;; rst
(declaim (inline lookup-state flags-event))
(defun lookup-state(state event)
"Given a current state and event return the new state and an action"
(values-list (aref *state-table* state event)))
(defun flags-event(flags) (aref *flag-events* flags))
(defun process-event(event tcp)
(let ((saved-state (state tcp)))
(multiple-value-bind(state action) (lookup-state saved-state event)
(setf (state tcp) state)
((and (= state timed-wait) (/= saved-state timed-wait))
(schedule 'timed-wait-timer tcp))
((and (= state closed)
(/= saved-state closed)
(/= event timeout)
(bound-p tcp))
;; finally closed so notify application
(connection-closed (application tcp) tcp)))
(defun make-packet-sequence-queue()
:key-fn #'(lambda(packet) (sequence-number (peek-pdu packet)))
:comp-fn #'seq<
:element-type 'packet))
(defclass tcp(protocol with-timers)
((pending-data :initform nil :accessor pending-data
:documentation "Data sent by application but not acknowledged")
:initform (make-packet-sequence-queue)
:type binary-heap :accessor buffered-data
:documentation "data received but out of sequence")
(rtt :initform (make-instance 'mdev) :initarg :rtt :reader rtt
:documentation "RTT estimator")
;; connection state
:type integer :initform 3 :accessor max-connection-retry-count
:initarg :max-connection-retry-count)
(connection-retry-count :type integer :accessor connection-retry-count)
;; timers
(connection-timer :type timer :initform (make-instance 'timer :delay 6))
(delayed-ack-timer :type timer :initform (make-instance 'timer :delay 0))
(timed-wait-timer :type timer :initform (make-instance 'timer :delay 5))
(last-ack-timer :type timer :initform (make-instance 'timer))
(retransmit-packet-timer :type timer :initform (make-instance 'timer))
;;; sequence numbers -- start with 0 as easier to diagnose
;; transmitted data
(next-tx-seq :initform 0 #+nil(random #xFFFFFFFF) :type (unsigned-byte 32)
:documentation "Next sequence to send" :accessor next-tx-seq)
(high-tx-mark :initform 0 :type (unsigned-byte 32) :accessor high-tx-mark
:documentation "TX High water mark, for counting retx")
:type (unsigned-byte 32)
:accessor highest-rx-ack
:documentation "largest ack received - (index of start of pending data)")
(last-rx-ack ::type (unsigned-byte 32) :accessor last-rx-ack
:documentation "For duplicate ack testing")
(fast-recovery-mark :type (unsigned-byte 32)
:accessor fast-recovery-mark
:documentation "Mark for fast recovery")
;; received data
(next-rx-seq :type (unsigned-byte 32) :accessor next-rx-seq
:documentation"Next expected sequence number")
(next-ack-seq :type (unsigned-byte 32) :accessor next-ack-seq
:documentation "Set when using delayed acks")
;; recorded times
(last-rx-time :accessor last-rx-time :type time-type
:documentation "Time last packet received")
(syn-time :initform 0.0 :accessor syn-time :type time-type
:documentation "Time SYN sent")
(last-ack-time :initform 0.0 :type time-type
:documentation "Time last Ack received")
;; counters
(pkt-received-count :initform 0 :type integer :accessor pkt-received-count
:documentation "Number of packets received")
(pkt-sent-count :initform 0 :type integer :accessor pkt-sent-count
:documentation "Count of packets sent")
(retransmit-count :initform 0 :accessor retransmit-count :type integer
:documentation "Count of retransmits")
(timeout-count :initform 0 :accessor timeout-count :type integer
:documentation "Count of timeouts")
(dup-ack-count :initform 0 :type integer :accessor dup-ack-count
:documentation "Number of dup acks in a row")
(bytes-sent :initform 0 :accessor bytes-sent :type integer
:documentation "Total bytes sent")
(bytes-received :initform 0 :accessor bytes-received :type integer
:documentation "Total bytes received")
;; (no-timer-p :initform nil :type boolean :accessor no-timer-p
;; :documentation "True if skip resched of re-tx timer")
;; ;; Window Management
:type (unsigned-byte 16)
:initform 536 ;; this is usual size for IP networks (576-40)
:initarg :mss :initarg :maximum-segment-size
:reader maximum-segment-size
:documentation "Maximum Segment size to use")
(rx-window :initform #xFFFF :type (unsigned-byte 16) :accessor rx-window
:documentation "Window as received from peer")
:initform #xFFFF :type (unsigned-byte 16) :accessor advertised-window
:documentation "Window to advertise to peer")
:type (unsigned-byte 16) :accessor congestion-window
:documentation "Congestion window")
:initform 1 :initarg :initial-congestion-window
:type (unsigned-byte 16)
:reader initial-congestion-window
:documentation "Initial congestion window in segments")
(slow-start-threshold :initform #xFFFF :type integer
:accessor slow-start-threshold)
;; TCP state
(state :initform closed :accessor state :type tcp-states
:documentation "Current state")
(close-on-empty :initform nil :type boolean :accessor close-on-empty
:documentation "True if send FIN pkt on empty data")
(pending-close :initform nil :accessor pending-close :type boolean
:documentation "True if close pending")
(close-notified :initform nil :accessor close-notified :type boolean
:documentation "True if close has been notified")
(need-ack :initform nil :type boolean :accessor need-ack
:documentation "True if need ACK bit on next transmit")
;; ;;Buffer limits
;; (tx-buffer :initform *default-tx-buffer* :accessor tx-buffer :type integer
;; :documentation "Size of tx buffer")
;; (rx-buffer :initform *default-rx-buffer* :accessor rx-buffer :type integer
;; :documentation "Size of rx buffer")
;; Statistics
(total-ack :initform 0 :accessor total-ack :type integer
:documentation "Total bytes acked")
(initargs :type list
:documentation "Arguments passed during initialisation - used during reset"))
(:documentation "Base class for Transmission Control Protocol variants"))
(defmethod (setf state)(state (tcp tcp))
(setf (slot-value tcp 'state) state))
(defmethod print-object((tcp tcp) stream)
(print-unreadable-object(tcp stream :type t :identity nil)
(format stream "N~A ~A ~A"
(uid (node tcp))
(state-name (state tcp))
(when (slot-boundp tcp 'local-port)
(local-port tcp)))))
;; generic functions to be implemented by the variants
(defgeneric retransmit-packet-timeout(tcp))
(defgeneric new-ack(tcp &key packet header &allow-other-keys))
(defgeneric dup-ack(tcp header count)
(:documentation "Implement for duplicate acks"))
(defmethod copy((original tcp)
&optional (copy (allocate-instance (class-of original))))
(setf (pending-data copy) nil
(buffered-data copy) (make-packet-sequence-queue)
(application copy) (application original)
(node copy) (node original))
(copy-slots original copy
:excluding '(application node pending-data buffered-data)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((tcp tcp) &rest initargs
&key &allow-other-keys)
(setf (slot-value tcp 'initargs) initargs
(congestion-window tcp) (* (initial-congestion-window tcp)
(maximum-segment-size tcp))))
(defmethod reset((tcp tcp))
;; we initialize either both the specific tcp variant and the main
;; tcp class slots to initargs or initforms.
(let ((initargs (slot-value tcp 'initargs))
(union (closer-mop:class-direct-slots (class-of tcp))
(closer-mop:class-direct-slots (find-class 'tcp)))))
(dolist(slot slots)
(when (eql (closer-mop:slot-definition-allocation slot) :instance)
(slot-makunbound tcp (closer-mop:slot-definition-name slot))))
(apply #'shared-initialize
(mapcar #'closer-mop:slot-definition-name slots)
(setf (congestion-window tcp) (* (initial-congestion-window tcp)
(maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(setf (slot-value tcp 'initargs) initargs)))
(defmethod protocol-number((tcp tcp)) 6)
(defmethod default-trace-detail((protocol tcp))
`(type src-port dst-port sequence-number ack-number flags))
(defun tcp-debug(str &rest args)
(format *trace-output* "~&> ~,5f ~?~%" (simulation-time) str args))
(defmethod schedule :after ((timer symbol) (tcp tcp))
(tcp-debug "SCHEDULE ~A ~A" tcp (timer timer tcp)))
(let ((m (find-method #'schedule '(:after) `(symbol tcp) nil)))
(when m (remove-method #'schedule m)))
(defmethod cancel :before ((timer symbol) (tcp tcp))
(tcp-debug "CANCEL ~A ~A~%" tcp (if (eql timer :all) timer (timer timer tcp))))
(let ((m (find-method #'cancel '(:before) `(symbol tcp) nil)))
(when m (remove-method #'schedule m)))
(defmethod schedule((timer (eql 'last-ack-timer)) (tcp tcp))
(schedule (retransmit-timeout (rtt tcp))
(timer 'last-ack-timer tcp)))
(defmethod schedule((timer (eql 'retransmit-packet-timer)) (tcp tcp))
(schedule (retransmit-timeout (rtt tcp))
(timer 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp)))
(defmethod receive((tcp tcp) (packet packet) (layer4 layer3:ipv4)
&key src-address &allow-other-keys)
(setf (last-rx-time tcp) (simulation-time))
(incf (pkt-received-count tcp))
(let* ((header (peek-pdu packet))
(flags (flags header)))
;; Check if ACK bit set, and if so notify rtt estimator
(when (logtest ack flags)
(ack-seq (ack-number header) (rtt tcp))
;; Also insure that connection timer is canceled,
;; as this may be the final part of 3-way handshake
(cancel 'connection-timer tcp))
;; Check syn/ack and update rtt if so
(when (and (= (state tcp) syn-sent)
(logtest ack flags)
(logtest syn flags))
(record (- (simulation-time) (syn-time tcp)) (rtt tcp)))
;; determine event type and process
(let* ((event (flags-event flags))
(saved-state (state tcp))
(action (process-event event tcp))
(state (state tcp)))
(let ((data-length (length-bytes (peek-pdu packet 1))))
"~A got seq ~D bytes ~D nextack ~D ack ~D flags ~/cl-user::tcp-flags/ event ~A~%"
tcp (sequence-number header) data-length
(+ data-length (sequence-number header))
(ack-number header) flags (event-name event)))
;; sanity checks
(assert (not (and (= state close-wait) (= event seq-recv)))
"TCP ~A new seq in close-wait" tcp)
(assert (not (and (= state closed) (= event syn-rx)))
"TCP ~A syn in closed l=~A:~A r=~A:~A"
tcp (ipaddr (node tcp)) (local-port tcp)
src-address (src-port header))
(assert (not (and (= saved-state listen) (/= state listen)))
"TCP transition from ~A to ~A" saved-state state)
;; some state checks
(when (and (/= state saved-state) (= state timed-wait))
"~A calling closed from RECEIVE oldstate ~A event ~A~%"
tcp (state-name saved-state) (event-name event))
(connection-closed (application tcp) tcp))
(when (and (= state closed) (/= saved-state closed))
(cancel :all tcp))
(when (= state timed-wait)
(cancel :all tcp)
(schedule 'timed-wait-timer tcp))
;; carry out action
(funcall action tcp
:packet packet :dst-address src-address)
;; more state checks
(when (and (= state last-ack)
(not (busy-p (timer 'last-ack-timer tcp))))
(schedule 'last-ack-timer tcp)))))
(defmethod send((tcp tcp) (data data) application
&key &allow-other-keys)
(assert (member (state tcp) '#.(list established syn-sent close-wait)))
(with-accessors((pending-data pending-data)) tcp
(setf pending-data
(if (zerop (length-bytes pending-data))
(data-concatenate pending-data data))))
(funcall (process-event app-send tcp) tcp)
(length-bytes data))
(defmethod open-connection(peer-address peer-port (tcp tcp))
(unless (bound-p tcp)
(bind tcp :peer-address peer-address :peer-port peer-port))
(setf (connection-retry-count tcp) 0)
(let ((state (state tcp))
(action (process-event app-connect tcp)))
(assert (eql action 'syn-tx)
"Bad connect action ~A from ~A state" action state)
(funcall action tcp)))
(defmethod close-connection((tcp tcp))
(with-accessors((state state)) tcp
(unless (= state closed)
(let ((action (process-event app-close tcp)))
(when (and (eql action 'fin-tx)
(not (zerop (length-bytes (pending-data tcp)))))
(setf (close-on-empty tcp) t)
(return-from close-connection t))
(funcall action tcp)
(when (and (= state last-ack)
(not (busy-p (timer 'last-ack-timer tcp))))
(schedule 'last-ack-timer tcp)))))))
(defmethod connection-complete :before (application (tcp tcp))
(setf (close-notified tcp) nil))
(defmethod connection-closed :around (application (tcp tcp))
(unless (close-notified tcp)
(setf (close-notified tcp) t)))
(defmethod connection-closed :after (application (protocol with-timers))
(declare (ignore application))
(cancel :all protocol))
(defmethod connection-closed :after (application (tcp tcp))
(declare (ignore application))
(delete-notifications tcp (node tcp)))
(defmethod timeout :before (timer (tcp tcp))
(tcp-debug "TIMEOUT ~A ~A~%" tcp timer))
(let ((m (find-method #'timeout '(:before) `(t tcp) nil)))
(when m (remove-method #'timeout m)))
(defmethod timeout((timer (eql 'connection-timer)) (tcp tcp))
(with-accessors((connection-retry-count connection-retry-count)
(max-connection-retry-count max-connection-retry-count)
(application application)) tcp
(if (= (state tcp) syn-sent)
;; if active side of connection attempt
((>= (incf connection-retry-count) max-connection-retry-count)
;; if exceeded max number connections so timeout report failure
(funcall (process-event timeout tcp) tcp)
(incf (timeout-count tcp))
(control-message application :timeout tcp))
(t ;; else try again
(funcall (process-event app-connect tcp) tcp)))
;; passive side of connection (listener) -
;; notify application of missing ACK on 3-way handshake
(control-message application :timeout tcp))))
;; main method must be implemented in concrete classes
(defmethod timeout ((timer (eql 'retransmit-packet-timer)) (tcp tcp))
(retransmit-packet-timeout tcp)
(incf (timeout-count tcp)))
(defmethod timeout((timer (eql 'delayed-ack-timer)) (tcp tcp))
(send-ack tcp (next-ack-seq tcp) t)
(slot-makunbound tcp 'next-ack-seq))
(defmethod timeout((timer (eql 'timed-wait-timer)) (tcp tcp))
;; finished so close down tcp endpoint
(cancel :all tcp)
(connection-closed (application tcp) tcp)
(unbind tcp))
(defmethod timeout((timer (eql 'last-ack-timer)) (tcp tcp))
;; close connection assuming peer has gone
(when (= (state tcp) last-ack)
(funcall (process-event timeout tcp) tcp))
(connection-closed (application tcp) tcp))
(defmethod timeout :after (timer (tcp tcp))
(when (and (= (state tcp) last-ack)
(not (busy-p (timer 'last-ack-timer tcp))))
(schedule 'last-ack-timer tcp)))
;; tcp specific functions
(defmethod bind :after((tcp tcp) &key &allow-other-keys)
;; if no peer defined this is a listener
(unless (connected-p tcp)
(funcall (process-event app-listen tcp) tcp)))
(defun unack-data-count(tcp) (seq- (next-tx-seq tcp) (highest-rx-ack tcp)))
(defun bytes-in-flight(tcp) (seq- (high-tx-mark tcp) (highest-rx-ack tcp)))
(defmethod window((tcp tcp)) (min (rx-window tcp) (congestion-window tcp)))
(defun available-window(tcp)
(let ((unack (unack-data-count tcp))
(win (window tcp)))
"~%~,4f ~A AVW, unack ~D win ~D rxWin ~D cWnd ~D~%"
(simulation-time) tcp unack win (rx-window tcp) (congestion-window tcp))
(if (< win unack) 0 (- win unack))))
;; TCP actions
(defun no-act(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore tcp)))
(defun ack-tx(tcp &key packet &allow-other-keys)
(send-packet tcp ack)
;; save receiver advertised window
(when packet (setf (rx-window tcp) (window (peek-pdu packet)))))
(defun ack-tx-1(tcp &key packet &allow-other-keys)
(let ((header (peek-pdu packet)))
;; save receiver advertised window
(setf (rx-window tcp) (window header))
(setf (next-rx-seq tcp) (seq+ (sequence-number header) 1))
(setf (highest-rx-ack tcp) (ack-number header))
(setf (last-rx-ack tcp) (ack-number header))
(cancel 'connection-timer tcp)
;; notify application
(setf (need-ack tcp) t)
(connection-complete (application tcp) tcp)
;; if no data need to send ack
(when (zerop (length-bytes (pending-data tcp)))
(send-packet tcp ack))))
(defun rst-tx(tcp &key packet dst-address &allow-other-keys)
tcp rst
:sequence-number 0
:ack-number 0
:dst-address dst-address
:dst-port (if packet
(src-port (peek-pdu packet))
(peer-port tcp))))
(defun initialise-sequence-number(tcp)
(let ((seq 0 #+nil (random #xFFFFFFFF)))
(setf (next-tx-seq tcp) seq
(high-tx-mark tcp) seq
(highest-rx-ack tcp) seq)))
(defun syn-tx(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(schedule 'connection-timer tcp)
(setf (syn-time tcp) (simulation-time)) ;; for initial RTT estimate
(initialise-sequence-number tcp)
(send-packet tcp syn :ack-number 0)
(setf (next-tx-seq tcp) (seq+ (next-tx-seq tcp) 1)))
(defun syn-ack-tx(tcp &key packet dst-address
(assert (and (= (state tcp) listen) dst-address))
(let* ((copy (copy tcp))
(header (peek-pdu packet))
(dst-port (src-port header)))
(setf (peer-port copy) dst-port
(peer-address copy) dst-address)
(if (connection-from-peer (application copy) copy)
(progn ;;
;; copy accepts connection
(bind copy :peer-address dst-address :peer-port dst-port)
(setf (state copy) syn-rcvd)
(initialise-sequence-number copy)
(setf (next-rx-seq copy) (seq+ (sequence-number header) 1))
(setf (last-rx-ack copy) (ack-number header))
(setf (slot-value copy 'fid)
(incf (slot-value copy 'layer4::last-fid)))
(send-packet copy (logior syn ack))
(setf (next-tx-seq copy) (seq+ (next-tx-seq copy) 1))
(schedule 'connection-timer copy))
;; otherwise reject by sending rst from listener
(send-packet copy rst :sequence-number 0
:ack-number (sequence-number header)
:dst-address dst-address :dst-port dst-port))))
(defun serv-notify(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
"Notify Server application that its connection has moved to established state"
(connection-complete (application tcp) tcp))
(defun fin-tx(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(send-packet tcp fin))
(defun fin-ack-tx(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(send-packet tcp (logior fin ack))
(when (and (= (state tcp) last-ack)
(not (busy-p (timer 'last-ack-timer tcp))))
(schedule 'last-ack-timer tcp)))
(defun new-seq-rx(tcp &key packet &allow-other-keys)
;; data received
(new-rx tcp packet))
(defun retx(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore tcp)))
(defun tx-data(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(send-pending-data tcp))
(defun peer-close(tcp &key packet header &allow-other-keys)
;; make sure FIN packet not out of sequence.
(when (and header (/= (sequence-number header) (next-rx-seq tcp)))
;; process close later
(setf (pending-close tcp) t)
(new-rx tcp packet)
(return-from peer-close t))
(when (> (length-bytes (peek-pdu packet 1)) 0)
(new-rx tcp packet)) ;; in case data came with fin
(with-accessors((state state)) tcp
(let ((saved-state state))
(close-request (application tcp) tcp)
(when (= state saved-state)
;; need to ack - application will close later
(send-packet tcp ack)))
(when (and (= state last-ack)
(not (busy-p (timer 'last-ack-timer tcp))))
(schedule 'last-ack-timer tcp))))
(defun app-closed(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(when (and (= (state tcp) syn-sent) (not (close-notified tcp)))
(setf (close-notified tcp) t)
(connection-closed (application tcp) tcp)))
(defun app-notify(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(control-message (application tcp) :connection-failed tcp))
(defun cancel-tm(tcp &key &allow-other-keys)
(cancel :all tcp))
(defun send-ack(tcp ack-number &optional forced)
(let ((delayed-ack-timer (timer 'delayed-ack-timer tcp))
(send-it t))
(unless (or forced (zerop (scheduler:timer-delay delayed-ack-timer)))
;; need to delay this ack - see if pending
(if (busy-p delayed-ack-timer)
(cancel delayed-ack-timer tcp)
;; delay this ack
(schedule 'delayed-ack-timer tcp)
(setf (next-ack-seq tcp) ack-number)
(setf send-it nil))))
(send-pending-data tcp t)
(if send-it (send-packet tcp ack :ack-number ack-number)))))
(defun send-packet(tcp flags
(sequence-number (next-tx-seq tcp))
(ack-number (next-rx-seq tcp))
(dst-address (peer-address tcp))
(dst-port (peer-port tcp))
(ipv4 (layer3:find-protocol 'layer3:ipv4 (node tcp))))
"Send a TCP packet"
(let ((packet (make-instance 'packet :data data :fid (fid tcp))))
(when data ;; if data
(assert (<= (length-bytes data) (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(unless (busy-p (timer 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp))
(schedule 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp)
(sent-seq sequence-number (length-bytes packet) (rtt tcp))
(when (< sequence-number (high-tx-mark tcp))
(incf (retransmit-count tcp)))))
:src-port (local-port tcp)
:dst-port dst-port
:sequence-number sequence-number
:ack-number ack-number
:flags (logior flags
(if (need-ack tcp) ack 0)
(if (and (or (= (state tcp) fin-wait-1)
(= (state tcp) fin-wait-2))
(zerop (length-bytes (pending-data tcp))))
:window (advertised-window tcp)
:cwnd (congestion-window tcp))
(setf (need-ack tcp) nil)
(send ipv4 packet tcp
:src-address (or (local-address tcp) (network-address (node tcp)))
:dst-address dst-address
:ttl (ttl tcp)
:tos (tos tcp))
(incf (pkt-sent-count tcp))))
(defun send-pending-data(tcp &optional with-ack)
"Send as much pending data as necessary/possible. Return true if data sent"
(let ((n-sent 0)
(pending-data (pending-data tcp))
(ipv4 (layer3:find-protocol 'layer3:ipv4 (node tcp)))
(interface (find-interface (peer-address tcp) (node tcp))))
;; if no data finished
(let* ((index (seq- (next-tx-seq tcp) (highest-rx-ack tcp)))
(no-bytes (- (length-bytes pending-data) index)))
;;(break "~A index (~A-~A)=~A no-bytes=~A" tcp (next-tx-seq tcp) (highest-rx-ack tcp) index no-bytes)
(when (<= no-bytes 0) (return))
(let ((w (available-window tcp))
(mss (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(when (and (< w mss) (> no-bytes w))
;; don't send small segment unnecessarily
(let ((data (data-subseq pending-data index (min w mss))))
;; if no buffer available stop and request
;;(100 extra bytes is to allow for headers)
(unless (layer1:buffer-available-p
(+ 100 (length-bytes data)) interface)
(add-notification tcp #'send-pending-data interface)
(let ((flags (if with-ack ack 0)))
;; see if we need fin flag
(when (and (close-on-empty tcp)
(= (length-bytes data) no-bytes))
(setf flags (logior flags fin))
(setf (state tcp) fin-wait-1))
(send-packet tcp flags :data data :ipv4 ipv4)
(incf n-sent)
(setf (next-tx-seq tcp)
(seq+ (next-tx-seq tcp) (length-bytes data)))
(setf (high-tx-mark tcp)
(seq-max (next-tx-seq tcp) (high-tx-mark tcp)))
(incf (bytes-sent tcp) (length-bytes data)))))))
(when (> n-sent 0)
(when (not (busy-p (timer 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp)))
(schedule 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp))
(defmethod control-message((tcp tcp) (msg (eql :destination-unreachable))
&key packet &allow-other-keys)
"Called by ICMP when unreachable response is received"
(when (= (state tcp) syn-sent)
(funcall (process-event timeout tcp) tcp :packet packet)
(control-message (application tcp) msg tcp)))
(defmethod new-ack :around ((tcp tcp) &key packet &allow-other-keys)
(let* ((highest-rx-ack (highest-rx-ack tcp))
(header (peek-pdu packet))
(ack-number (ack-number header)))
((< ack-number highest-rx-ack)) ;; old ack, no action
((and (= highest-rx-ack ack-number) (< ack-number (next-tx-seq tcp)))
;; duplicate ack received
(dup-ack tcp header (incf (dup-ack-count tcp))))
;; not duplicate
(when (> ack-number (highest-rx-ack tcp))
(setf (dup-ack-count tcp) 0))
(new-rx tcp packet))))) ;; in case any data
(defmethod new-ack((tcp tcp) &key packet skip-timer
(unless skip-timer (cancel 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp))
(with-accessors((next-tx-seq next-tx-seq)) tcp
(let* ((ack-number (ack-number (peek-pdu packet)))
(number-ack (seq- ack-number (highest-rx-ack tcp))) ; amount data ack'd
(state (state tcp)))
(incf (total-ack tcp) number-ack)
(setf (highest-rx-ack tcp) ack-number)
(when (> ack-number next-tx-seq)
(setf next-tx-seq ack-number))
(when (> number-ack 0)
;; delete ack'd pending data
(setf (pending-data tcp)
(data-subseq (pending-data tcp) number-ack))
(cancel 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp)
;; Notify application of data sent
(sent (application tcp) number-ack tcp))
;; Try to send more data
(send-pending-data tcp)
;; See if we need to post a re-tx timer
(when (and (not skip-timer)
(not (busy-p (timer 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp)))
(or (> (unack-data-count tcp) 0)
(= state fin-wait-1)
(= state fin-wait-2)))
(schedule 'retransmit-packet-timer tcp)))))
(defmethod receive (application (packet packet) (tcp tcp) &key &allow-other-keys)
(let ((header (pop-pdu packet))
(data (pop-pdu packet)))
(with-slots(next-rx-seq) tcp
(unless (= next-rx-seq (sequence-number header))
(setf data
(data-subseq data (seq- (sequence-number header) next-rx-seq))))
(let ((s (length-bytes data)))
(setf next-rx-seq (seq+ next-rx-seq s))
(incf (bytes-received tcp) s)
(receive application data tcp)))))
(defun new-rx(tcp packet)
"New received data - packet should have tcp header in case we buffer it"
(let* ((original-state (state tcp))
(header (peek-pdu packet))
(s (length-bytes (peek-pdu packet 1))))
(when (> s 0)
;;Note we need the ACK bit on next transmitted pkt
(setf (need-ack tcp) t)
(let((next-rx-seq (next-rx-seq tcp))
(buffered-data (buffered-data tcp)))
#+debug(tcp-debug "NEWRX ~A seq ~D nrxs ~D size ~D"
tcp (sequence-number header)
next-rx-seq s)
((= (sequence-number header) next-rx-seq)
;; Received seq is expected, deliver this
(receive (application tcp) packet tcp)
(when (close-notified tcp)
(error "TCP ~A got data after close-notified" tcp))
;; and sequential buffered data
:while (not (empty-p buffered-data))
:until (> (sequence-number (peek-pdu (peek buffered-data)))
:do (receive (application tcp) (dequeue buffered-data) tcp))
;; see if can close now
(when (and (or (pending-close tcp) (> original-state established))
(empty-p buffered-data))
(peer-close tcp :packet packet :header header)))
((> (sequence-number header) next-rx-seq)
;; buffer this packet
(enqueue packet buffered-data))))
;; finally send ack ancknowledging all received and delivered data
(send-ack tcp (next-rx-seq tcp)))))
(defun retransmit(tcp)
"Retransmit the oldest pending packet"
(let ((pending-data (pending-data tcp))
(state (state tcp)))
((zerop (length-bytes pending-data))
(assert (or (= state fin-wait-1) (= state fin-wait-2)))
;; must have lost fin - retransmit
(send-packet tcp fin))
(let* ((data (data-subseq pending-data 0 (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(remaining-bytes (- (length-bytes pending-data)
(length-bytes data))))
(send-packet tcp
(if (and (close-on-empty tcp) (zerop remaining-bytes))
:sequence-number (highest-rx-ack tcp)
:data data))))))
(defclass tcp-tahoe(tcp)
(:documentation "Tahoe TCP implementation"))
(defmethod new-ack ((tcp tcp-tahoe) &key &allow-other-keys)
"Adjust congestion window in response to new acks received"
(let ((seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(incf (congestion-window tcp)
(if (< (congestion-window tcp) (slow-start-threshold tcp))
;; slow start mode add seg-size
;; congestion avoidance adjust as per RFC2581
(max 1 (floor (* seg-size seg-size) (congestion-window tcp))))))
(defmethod dup-ack((tcp tcp-tahoe) header c)
(when (= c 3)
;; triple dupack received - enter fast recovery mode as per RFC2581
(let ((seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(setf (slow-start-threshold tcp) (max (/ (window tcp) 2) (* 2 seg-size))
(congestion-window tcp) (* (initial-congestion-window tcp) seg-size)
(next-tx-seq tcp) (highest-rx-ack tcp))
(send-pending-data tcp))))
(defmethod retransmit-packet-timeout((tcp tcp))
(let ((seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
(setf (slow-start-threshold tcp) (max (/ (window tcp) 2) (* 2 seg-size))
(congestion-window tcp) seg-size
(next-tx-seq tcp) (highest-rx-ack tcp)))
(increase-multiplier (rtt tcp))
(retransmit tcp))
(defclass tcp-reno(tcp)
((fast-recovery :type boolean :initform nil :accessor fast-recovery
:documentation "True if fast recovery in progress"))
(:documentation "Reno TCP implementation"))
(defmethod new-ack ((tcp tcp-reno) &key &allow-other-keys)
(let ((seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp))
(slow-start-threshold (slow-start-threshold tcp)))
(with-accessors((congestion-window congestion-window)) tcp
((fast-recovery tcp)
;; If in fast recovery and have a new data ack, reset cWnd
;; to the ssthresh calculated when we entered fast recovery
;; and exit fast recovery mode
(setf congestion-window slow-start-threshold
(fast-recovery tcp) nil))
((< congestion-window slow-start-threshold)
;; Slow start mode, add one segSize to cWnd
(incf congestion-window seg-size))
(t ;; Congestion avoidance mode, adjust by (ackBytes*segSize) / cWnd
(incf congestion-window
(max 1 (/ (* seg-size seg-size) congestion-window)))))))
(defmethod dup-ack((tcp tcp-reno) header c)
(let ((seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
((fast-recovery tcp)
;; inflate congestion window with every dup ack and send data
(incf (congestion-window tcp) seg-size)
(send-pending-data tcp))
((= c 3)
;; triple dupack received - enter fast recovery mode as per RFC2581
(setf (fast-recovery tcp) t)
(setf (slow-start-threshold tcp)
(max (/ (window tcp) 2) (* 2 seg-size)))
(setf (congestion-window tcp)
(+ (slow-start-threshold tcp) (* 3 seg-size)))
(retransmit tcp)))))
(defmethod retransmit-packet-timeout((tcp tcp-reno))
(setf (fast-recovery tcp) nil)
(defclass tcp-newreno(tcp-reno)
((recover :type (unsigned-byte 16) :accessor recover
:documentation "High tx mark for new reno")
(partial-ack-count :initform 0 :accessor partial-ack-count
:documentation "Number of parial acks in a row"))
(:documentation "NewReno TCP implementation"))
(defmethod new-ack ((tcp tcp-newreno) &key packet &allow-other-keys)
(let ((ack-number (ack-number (peek-pdu packet)))
(seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp))
(slow-start-threshold (slow-start-threshold tcp))
(skip-timer nil))
((fast-recovery tcp)
;; if in fast recovery check for full or partial ack as per rfc 3781
((>= ack-number (recover tcp)) ;; full ack
(setf (fast-recovery tcp) nil
(congestion-window tcp) (min slow-start-threshold
(+ seg-size (unack-data-count tcp)))
(partial-ack-count tcp) 0))
(t ;; partial ack
(decf (congestion-window tcp) (seq- ack-number (highest-rx-ack tcp)))
(when (>= (seq- ack-number (highest-rx-ack tcp)) seg-size)
(incf (congestion-window tcp) seg-size))
(setf (highest-rx-ack tcp) ack-number)
(setf skip-timer (> (partial-ack-count tcp) 0))
(incf (partial-ack-count tcp))
(retransmit tcp))))
((< (congestion-window tcp) slow-start-threshold)
;; Slow start mode, add one segSize to cWnd
(incf (congestion-window tcp) seg-size))
(t ;; Congestion avoidance mode, adjust by (ackBytes*segSize) / cWnd
(incf (congestion-window tcp)
(max 1 (/ (* seg-size seg-size) (congestion-window tcp))))))
(call-next-method tcp :packet packet :skip-timer skip-timer)))
(defmethod dup-ack((tcp tcp-newreno) header c)
(let ((seg-size (maximum-segment-size tcp)))
((fast-recovery tcp)
;; inflate congestion window with every dup ack and send data
(incf (congestion-window tcp) seg-size)
(send-pending-data tcp))
((and (= c 3) (> (ack-number header) (recover tcp)))
;; triple dupack received - enter fast recovery mode as per RFC2581
(setf (fast-recovery tcp) t
(slow-start-threshold tcp) (max (/ (window tcp) 2) (* 2 seg-size))
(congestion-window tcp) (+ (slow-start-threshold tcp)
(* 3 seg-size))
(recover tcp) (next-tx-seq tcp))
(retransmit tcp)))))
(defmethod retransmit-packet-timeout((tcp tcp-newreno))
(setf (partial-ack-count tcp) 0)
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