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;; $Id$
;; udp sink application
;; Copyright (C) 2006 Dr. John A.R. Williams
;; Author: Dr. John A.R. Williams <>
;; Keywords:
;; This file is part of Lisp Educational Network Simulator (LENS)
;; This is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
;; See <>
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(in-package :protocol.layer5)
(defclass udp-sink(application)
((protocol :type udp :accessor protocol
:documentation "The udp protocol instance")
(loss-statistics :initarg :loss-statistics :initform nil
:accessor loss-statistics
:documentation "Loss Statistics collection object")
(bandwidth-statistics :initarg :bandwidth-statistics :initform nil
:accessor bandwidth-statistics
:documentation "Delay statistics object")
:initarg :delay-statistics :initform nil :accessor delay-statistics
:documentation "Statistics collection object for delays")
:type scheduler:time-type :initarg :stats-update-interval
:initform 1.0 :accessor stats-update-interval
:documentation "interval over which statistics are recorded")
:type scheduler:time-type :initform 0
:documentation "Time first packet is received. Used to calculate
overall bytes/sec data rx.")
:initform 0 :type scheduler:time-type
:documentation "Time last packet is received. Used to calculate jitter.")
(bytes-rx :initform 0 :type integer :reader bytes-rx
:documentation "total number of bytes received")
(packets-rx :initform 0 :type integer :reader packets-rx
:documentation "total number of packets received")
(packets-lost :initform 0 :type integer :reader packets-lost
:documentation "total number of packets lost")
(next-sequence-rx :initform 0 :type (unsigned-byte 32)
:documentation "Sequence number of next expected packet")
(last-log-time :initform 0 :type scheduler:time-type)
(last-packets-rx :initform 0 :type integer)
(last-bytes-rx :initform 0 :type integer)
(last-packets-lost :initform 0 :type integer)
(iat-statistics :initarg :iat-statistics :initform nil
:accessor iat-statistics
:documentation "Inter-arrival time distribution statistics")
(last-transit :initform 0 :type scheduler:time-type)
(jitter :initform 0 :type real))
(:documentation "Listen and record statistics of incomming packets
on a specific port"))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after
((app udp-sink)
&key local-port
(protocol-type 'layer4:udp)
(setf (slot-value app 'protocol)
(make-instance protocol-type
:node (node app)
:local-port local-port
:local-address local-address
:peer-port peer-port
:peer-address peer-address
:application app)))
(defmethod reset((app udp-sink))
(dolist(s '(loss-statistics bandwidth-statistics
delay-statistics iat-statistics))
(when (slot-value app s) (reset (slot-value app s))))
(dolist (slot
'(first-packet-rx last-packet-rx bytes-rx packets-rx packets-lost
next-sequence-rx last-log-time last-packets-rx last-packets-lost
last-transit jitter))
(setf (slot-value app slot) 0)))
(defmethod receive((application udp-sink) data protocol
&key sequence-number packet-created &allow-other-keys)
(let ((now (scheduler:simulation-time)))
(with-slots(first-packet-rx last-packet-rx iat-statistics
last-transit jitter bytes-rx packets-rx packets-lost
next-sequence-rx) application
(when (zerop first-packet-rx) (setf first-packet-rx now))
;; do iat history
(when iat-statistics
(math:record (- now last-packet-rx) iat-statistics :time now))
(setf last-packet-rx now)
;; calculate jitter as per RFC189
(let ((this-transit (- now packet-created)))
(unless (zerop last-transit)
(let ((diff (abs (- this-transit last-transit))))
(incf jitter (/ (- diff jitter) 16.0))))
(setf last-transit this-transit)
;; record delay if requested
(when (delay-statistics application)
(math:record this-transit (delay-statistics application) :time now)))
;; do counts
(incf bytes-rx (length-bytes data))
(when (>= sequence-number next-sequence-rx)
(incf packets-rx)
(unless (zerop next-sequence-rx)
(incf packets-lost (- sequence-number next-sequence-rx)))
(setf next-sequence-rx (1+ sequence-number))))))
(defmethod start((app udp-sink))
(bind (protocol app))
(when (or (loss-statistics app) (bandwidth-statistics app))
;; need to set up logging event
(scheduler:schedule (stats-update-interval app) app)))
(defmethod stop((app udp-sink) &key &allow-other-keys)
(unbind (protocol app)))
(defmethod scheduler:handle((app udp-sink))
(with-slots(bytes-rx packets-rx packets-lost loss-statistics
bandwidth-statistics last-bytes-rx last-packets-rx
last-packets-lost last-log-time) app
(when loss-statistics
(let*((this-rx (- packets-rx last-packets-rx))
(this-lost (- packets-lost last-packets-lost))
(loss-rate (let ((tot (+ this-rx this-lost)))
(if (zerop tot ) 0 (/ this-lost tot)))))
(math:record loss-rate loss-statistics)))
(when bandwidth-statistics
(let ((this-bytes-rx (- bytes-rx last-bytes-rx)))
(math:record (/ (* 8 this-bytes-rx) (- (scheduler:simulation-time)
(setf last-packets-rx packets-rx
last-bytes-rx bytes-rx
last-packets-lost packets-lost
last-log-time (scheduler:simulation-time)))
(scheduler:schedule (stats-update-interval app) app))
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