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;; Physical Link interface and base implementation
;; Copyright (C) 2010 Dr. John A.R. Williams
;; Author: Dr. John A.R. Williams <>
;; Keywords:
;; This file is part of Lisp Educational Network Simulator (LENS)
;; This is free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
;; See <>
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(in-package :layer1)
;; links uses a split-phase approach
;; - send starts sending a packet,
;; send-complete is called to signal when sending is finished.
;; - receive-start signals the start of reception
;; receive is called when packet reception is finished.
;; they receive from and send packets to interfaces
(defgeneric send-complete(sender packet receiver &key fail &allow-other-keys)
(:documentation "Called by receiver when sending completed to notify
receiver - fail-reason indicates if packet was dropped - null if successful")
(:method(sender packet receiver &key &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore sender packet receiver))))
(defgeneric receive-start(receiver packet sender)
(:documentation "Called by sender to start receiver receiving a packet.")
(:method(receiver packet sender)
(declare (ignore receiver packet sender))))
(defvar *default-bandwidth* 1d6 "Default link bandwidth")
;; Generic interface for link
(defgeneric propagation-speed(link)
(:documentation "Return the signal speed on link")
(:method(link) (declare (ignore link)) +c+))
(defgeneric bandwidth(link)
(:documentation "Return the bandwidth of a link in bits/sec"))
(defgeneric link(entity)
(:documentation "Return the link associated with an entity"))
(defgeneric peer-interfaces(link interface)
(:documentation "Return the list of interfaces this interface is
connected to on link"))
(defgeneric default-peer-interface(link)
(:documentation "Return the default peer (gateway) on a link"))
(defgeneric receive-own-broadcast-p(link)
(:documentation "If true interfaces receive their own broadcast")
(:method(link) (declare (ignore link)) nil))
;; this is equivalent to link-real in GTNetS
(defclass link()
:type double-float :initarg :bandwidth :reader bandwidth
:initform *default-bandwidth*
:documentation "Link bandwidth in bits/sec")
(weight :type number :initarg :weight :accessor weight :initform 1
:documentation "Link weight (for some routing protocols)")
(bytes-sent :type integer :initform 0 :accessor bytes-sent
:documentation "Total packets sent on this link")
(packets-sent :type integer :initform 0 :accessor packets-sent
:documentation "Total packets sent on this link")
:type time-type :initform (simulation-time)
:accessor utilisation-start
:documentation "Start of utilisation measurement interval"))
(:documentation "Base Class for simple links"))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((link link) &key &allow-other-keys)
(dolist(interface (interfaces link))
(setf (slot-value interface 'link) link)))
(defmethod send((link link) packet local-interface
&key (peer-address (dst-address (peek-pdu packet))))
(let* ((no-bits (* 8 (length-bytes packet)))
(txtime (/ no-bits (coerce (bandwidth link) 'double-float))))
;; schedule packet arrival at interface(s)
(flet ((schedule-receive(peer-interface packet)
(let ((delay (delay local-interface peer-interface))
(1- (bit-error-rate local-interface peer-interface))
(schedule delay
(list #'receive-start peer-interface packet link))
(schedule (+ delay txtime)
(list #'receive peer-interface packet link
:errors errors)))))
(if (broadcast-p peer-address)
(dolist(peer-interface (peer-interfaces link local-interface))
(schedule-receive peer-interface (copy packet)))
(if peer-address
(find peer-address (peer-interfaces link local-interface)
:key #'hardware-address :test #'address=)
(default-peer-interface link))
;; schedule packet transmit complete event - 1 bit after txtime
(schedule (+ txtime (/ 1 (bandwidth link)))
(list #'send-complete local-interface packet link))))
(defmethod send-complete :before (interface packet (link link)
&key fail &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore interface fail))
(incf (bytes-sent link) (length-bytes packet))
(incf (packets-sent link)))
(defmethod print-object((link link) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (link stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream
"~0:/print-eng/bit/sec ~0:/print-eng/sec delay ~0:/print-eng/BER"
(slot-value link 'bandwidth)
(slot-value link 'delay)
(slot-value link 'bit-error-rate))))
(defmethod reset((link link))
(setf (utilisation-start link) (simulation-time)
(packets-sent link) 0
(bytes-sent link) 0))
(defun utilisation(link)
(let ((now (simulation-time)))
(if (= now (utilisation-start link))
(/ (* 8 (bytes-sent link))
(* (bandwidth link) (- now (utilisation-start link)))))))
(defvar *default-link* '(point-to-point)
"List of default arguments for make-instance to make a default link")
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