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;;;; Front end handling for docutils
;;;; Copyright (C) 2005 John A.R. Williams <>
;;;; Released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
;;;; See <> for license details
;;;; $Id: publisher.lisp,v 1.16 2007/08/03 08:16:52 willijar Exp $
;;;; The processing chain is as follows
;;;; source - a source of characters for the processor
;;;; reader - reads data from source to produce a complete document
;;;; transform - used by readers for pending actions
;;;; writer - formats a document and writes to output
;;;; destination - a destination stream for the formatted document characters
(in-package :docutils)
(defparameter *revision* '(0 1 1)
"(major minor micro) version number. The micro number is bumped for API
changes, for new functionality, and for interim project releases. The minor
number is bumped whenever there is a significant project release. The major
number will be bumped when the project is feature-complete, and perhaps if
there is a major change in the design.")
(defmethod settings(source) (make-hash-table))
(defgeneric new-document(source)
(:documentation "Create and return a new empty document tree (root node).")
(make-instance 'docutils.nodes:document :settings (settings nil)))
(:method((source pathname))
(make-instance 'docutils.nodes:document
:source-path source
:settings (settings source))))
(defgeneric read-document(source reader)
(:documentation "Create and read a new document using reader from source"))
(defgeneric write-document(writer document destination)
(:documentation "Write document out to destination using given writer"))
(defgeneric write-part(writer part output-stream)
(:documentation "Write a document part from writer to an output stream."))
(defgeneric transform(transform)
(:documentation "Apply a given transform to its' document node"))
(defgeneric (setf document)(document component)
(:documentation "Set the document to be processed and reset the component"))
(defgeneric do-transforms(transforms document)
(:documentation "Apply the transformations to this document in
order. Any system messages are added into a dedicated section at the
end of the document"))
(defgeneric transforms(reader)
(:documentation "Return a list of the default transforms class names to be
applied after parsing"))
;;; -------------------------------------------------
;;; Transform api used by readers for pending actions
;;; -------------------------------------------------
(defvar *unknown-reference-resolvers* nil
"List of functions to try to resolve unknown references. Unknown
references have a 'refname' attribute which doesn't correspond to any
target in the document. Called when FinalCheckVisitor is unable to find a
correct target. The list should contain functions which will try to
resolve unknown references, with the following signature::
(defun reference_resolver(node)
\"Returns boolean: true if resolved, false if not.\"
(defvar *transform-counter* 0
"Used to ensure transforms of the same priority maintain their order")
(defclass transform()
((priority :initform 500 :initarg :priority :reader priority
"Numerical priority of this transform, 0 through 999.")
(order :initform (incf *transform-counter*) :reader order)
(node :initarg :node :reader node
:documentation "The node at which this transform is to start"))
(:documentation "Docutils transform component abstract base class."))
(defmethod print-object((transform transform) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (transform stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream "~A:~A" (slot-value transform 'priority)
(slot-value transform 'order))))
(defmethod priority((f function)) 950)
(defmethod order((f function)) 0)
(defmethod transform((f function)) (funcall f *document*))
(defun transform-cmp(a b)
"Transforms compared by priority and order in which created"
(let ((pa (priority a))
(pb (priority b)))
(or (< pa pb)
(and (= pa pb)
(< (order a) (order b))))))
;;; -------------------------------------------------
;;; The standard reader implementation base
;;; -------------------------------------------------
(defclass reader()
:initform nil :initarg :settings
:documentation "a-list of overwriding reading and parsing settings"))
(:documentation "Base classes to produce a document from input"))
(defvar *pending-transforms* nil)
(defun add-transform(transform) (push transform *pending-transforms*))
(defmethod read-document :around (source (reader reader))
(let ((*pending-transforms* (transforms reader))
(*document* (new-document source)))
;; we copy reader/parser options into document settings
;; so they provide a permanent record for a particular document
(dolist(setting (slot-value reader 'settings))
(setf (setting (first setting) *document*) (rest setting)))
(let ((*package*
(let ((p (setting :reader-package *document*)))
(or (and p (find-package p))
(find-package *default-reader-package*)
(find-package :common-lisp-user)))))
(do-transforms *pending-transforms* *document*)
(defun handle-transform-condition(e document)
"Deal with transform errors, adding system message to messages node"
(let ((report-level (setting :report-level document))
(halt-level (setting :halt-level document))
(msg nil))
(when (>= (error-severity e) report-level)
(format *error-output*
"~A~@[ line ~A~] ~A~%" ;; and print
(error-level e)
(error-line e)
(error-message e))
(setf msg (make-node 'system-message e))
(when (error-node e)
(add-backref msg (set-id (error-node e) document))))
(if (>= (error-severity e) halt-level)
(error e)
(invoke-restart 'system-message msg))))
(defmethod do-transforms((transforms list) document)
(unless (= 0 (number-children document))
(let ((messages (make-node 'section)))
;; note we don't actually add messages to document until transforms are
;; actually completed i.e. the transforms don't apply
;; to the system message section
(setf (slot-value messages 'parent) document)
(add-child messages (make-node 'title "Docutils System Messages"))
#'(lambda(e) (handle-transform-condition e document))))
(sort (mapcar
(etypecase transform
(transform transform)
(make-instance transform :node document))
:function transform
:node document))))
(transform transform)))
(when (> (number-children messages) 1)
(setf (slot-value document 'children)
(nconc (slot-value document 'children) (list messages))))))))
;;; -------------------------------------------------
;;; The standard writer implementation base
;;; -------------------------------------------------
(defclass writer()
((parts :reader parts :initarg :parts
:documentation "List of slot names for component parts in
the output. The writer should accumulate strings on each part using
(settings :initarg :settings
:initform nil :reader settings
:documentation "Overwritten setting affecting document writing"))
(:documentation "Base Class for writing a document"))
(defmethod write-document ((writer writer) document (os stream))
(visit-node writer document)
(dolist(part (parts writer))
(write-part writer (if (symbolp part) part (car part)) os)))
(defmethod write-document(writer document (os (eql 'string)))
(with-output-to-string(os) (write-document writer document os)))
(defmethod write-part((writer writer) (part symbol) (os stream))
(dolist(s (nreverse (slot-value writer part)))
(etypecase s
(string (write-string s os))
(character (write-char s os)))))
(defgeneric supports-format(writer format)
(:documentation "Returns true if given writer supports a specific format"))
(defgeneric visit-node(writer entity)
(:documentation "Process entity for writer where entity is any entity
in the document."))
(defvar *current-writer* nil "Writer currently processing document")
(defvar *current-writer-part* nil "current destination writer slot")
(defmethod visit-node :around ((writer writer) (document document))
(let ((*document* document)
(*current-writer* writer)
(docutils.utilities:*language* (setting :language document))
(setting :translations document)))
(dolist(part (parts writer))
(if (symbolp part)
(setf (slot-value writer part) nil)
(setf (slot-value writer (car part)) (reverse (cdr part)))))
(defmacro with-part((part-name) &body body)
`(let ((*current-writer-part* ',part-name))
(defun part-append(&rest values)
(assert (every #'(lambda(c) (or (stringp c) (characterp c))) values))
(setf (slot-value *current-writer* *current-writer-part*)
(nconc (nreverse values)
(slot-value *current-writer* *current-writer-part*))))
(defun part-prepend(&rest values)
(setf (slot-value *current-writer* *current-writer-part*)
(nconc (slot-value *current-writer* *current-writer-part*)
(nreverse values))))
(defmethod visit-node :around (writer entity)
:report (lambda(stream)
(format stream "Continue processing after ~S" entity)))))
(defmethod visit-node (writer (entity element))
"By default visit children of an element. throw to :skip-siblings to not
process further children"
(catch :skip-siblings
(with-children(child entity) (visit-node writer child))))
(defmethod visit-node (writer (node evaluateable))
(let ((evaluation (evaluate node))
(format (output-format node)))
((stringp format) (part-append (format nil format evaluation)))
((not format) (part-append (write-to-string evaluation))))))
;;; -------------------------------------------------
;;; Processing settings and configuration handling
;;; -------------------------------------------------
(defvar *standard-config-files*
,(merge-pathnames ".cl-docutils.conf" (user-homedir-pathname)))
"List of standard docutils configuration files")
(defvar *config-files-read* nil "List of configuration files already read.")
(defvar *settings-spec* (make-hash-table) "Hash of of configuration parameters")
(defgeneric setting(name entity)
(:documentation "Return the value of given setting for entity")
(:method((name symbol) (hash hash-table)) (gethash name hash))
(:method((name symbol) (list list))
(if (consp (car list))
(let ((a (assoc name list)))
(if a (values (cdr a) t) (values nil nil)))
(getf list name)))
(:method((name symbol) (document document))
(multiple-value-bind(v v-p) (setting name (settings document))
(values (if v-p v (second (gethash name *settings-spec*))) v-p)))
(:method((name symbol) (entity null))
(second (gethash name *settings-spec*)))
(:method((name symbol) (node node))
(setting name (document node)))
(:method((name symbol) (writer writer))
(multiple-value-bind(v v-p) (setting name (settings writer))
(if v-p
(values v v-p)
(setting name *document*)))))
(defgeneric (setf setting)(value key element)
(:documentation "Set a setting value for an entity")
(:method(value (name symbol) (hash hash-table))
(setf (gethash name hash) value))
(:method (value (name symbol) (document document))
(setf (setting name (settings document)) value)))
(defun register-settings-spec(new-spec)
(dolist(item new-spec)
(setf (gethash (first item) *settings-spec*) (rest item))))
(defmethod settings((document-path pathname))
(let ((settings (make-hash-table))
(*config-files-read* nil))
(cons (merge-pathnames #p"cl-docutils.conf" document-path)
(read-settings fname settings))
(defun read-settings(fname &optional (settings (make-hash-table)))
(when (and (not (member fname *config-files-read* :test #'equal))
(probe-file fname))
(push fname *config-files-read*)
(with-open-file(is fname :direction :input)
(do((line (read-line is nil) (read-line is nil)))
((not line))
(when (and (> (length line) 1) (not (line-blank-p line))
(not (char= (char line 0) #\#)))
(let ((p (position #\: line)))
(if p
(let* ((name (intern
(string-upcase (strip (subseq line 0 p)))
(value (if (< p (1- (length line)))
(lstrip (subseq line (1+ p)))
(spec (gethash name *settings-spec*)))
(if (eql name :config)
(read-settings (pathname (strip value)) settings)
(setf (gethash name settings)
(if spec
(parse-input (first spec) value)
(use-value(&optional (value (third spec)))
:report (lambda(s)
s "Use value <~A> for ~S"
value name))
(warn "~S is not a valid specification line in <~A>"
line fname)))))))
(register-settings-spec ;; base settings spec
boolean t
"Include a 'Generated by Docutils' credit and link at the end of
the document.")
(:datestamp symbol :rfc2822 "Include the date/time at the end of
the document (UTC) is specified format.")
boolean nil
"Include a 'View document source' link (relative to destination).")
(string :nil-allowed t) nil
"Use the supplied <URL> verbatim for a 'View document source'
link; implies --source-link.")
(member :type (symbol :nil-allowed t) :set (:top :entry nil)) :entry
"Enable backlinks from section headers to top of table of contents
or entries (default.")
boolean t
"Enable backlinks from footnotes and citations to their
references. This is the default.")
boolean t
"Enable Docutils section numbering")
(integer :min 0 :max 10) 4
"Set verbosity threshold; report system messages at or higher than level")
(integer :min 0 :max 10) 8
"Set the threshold (<level>) at or above which system messages
cause a halt")
(pathname :nil-allowed t) ,*error-output*
"Send the output of system messages (warnings) to <file>.")
string "en"
"Specify the language of input text (ISO 639 2-letter identifier).")
(pathname :nil-allowed t) ,docutils.utilities::*language-directory*
"Path to directory where language translations are stored. Each
language has a file, named using its 2-letter identifier containing an
a-list mapping translated form to a cannonical form.")
'(pathname :nil-allowed t) nil
"Write dependencies (caused e.g. by file inclusions) to <file>.")
(pathnames :nil-allowed t :wild-allowed t) nil
"Path to search for paths (after source path)")
'(pathname :nil-allowed t) nil
"Read configuration settings from <file> if it exists.")
boolean nil
"Show this program's version number and exit.")
(:reader-package symbol nil
"The package into which Lisp expressions are to be read.")
(:default-evaluation-format symbol nil
"The format of output from evaluation nodes")
boolean nil
"Show help message and exit.")))
(defgeneric resolve-dependancy(node uri)
(:documentation "Return full path corresponding to uri in a node")
(:method (node uri)
(let ((document (document node)))
(find-file uri
`(,(setting :source-path document)
,(setting :search-path document)
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