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Workshop materials for a 4h course on Dask Jobqueue

Dask Jobqueue Docs:

Recorded version

There's a recorded version of this workshop here:


Depending on what type of a learner you are, you might want to learn more about Dask itself before diving in here. The website and especially this binder with all the examplpes to be run interactively are a great place to start.

Topics covered in the course

Setup and Requirements

This workshop uses Jupyter Notebooks for all hands-on computations. To start working, please ask your cluster admins if they already offer a way of using Jupyter on their machine and what is the best way to use / install Python packages on their system.

If they cannot help, you can find info on how to set up and use a basic Python installation on HPC systems with Miniconda here:

An environment containing all dependencies necessary to follow the workshop, is defined in environment.yaml.

If you followed the guide above, you can set up all the dependencies by first activating the base environment of your Anaconda or Miniconda installation and then running:

conda env create -f <path-to-the-workshop-materials>/environment.yaml