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# PowerShell script
# Clone multiple virtual machines to a different datastore as a backup.
# All of my virtual servers, and ONLY virtual servers in a specific folder
# in vcenter, needed to be cloned to a backup datastore weekly, so I wrote
# a powershell script to clone them. I then added a Scheduled Task on my
# vCenter server to execute the script on Saturday evening.
# Add the vmware snapin for powershell
Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core
# backup = true appends date; false creates a clone with the same name.
$backup = "true"
# debug - true : will not clone vm; FALSE will clone the vm.
$debug = "FALSE"
# Set some variables.
$datestart = (get-date -uformat %Y-%m-%d)
# Name a logfile to capture results.
$logfile = $datestart + "_VMClones_bulk.txt"
echo "New Log ($datestart) - ($logfile)" >> $logfile
# Your vcenter server and credentials
$vcenter = ""
$username = ""
$password = ""
# Establish Connection
connect-viserver -server $vcenter -user $username -password $password
# sourceLocation is a folder in your vcenter structure.
$sourceLocation = "LiveServers"
# Target Datastore
$datastore = "DATASTORE00"
# Target location - existing folder in vcenter structure, where the clones will be stored
$targetlocation = "ServerClones"
# Datacenter name
$datacenter = "BCS"
# get a list of servers from the sourceLocation
$vmservers = Get-VM -Location $sourceLocation
# Loop through servers
echo "Begin ($sourceLocation)" >> $logfile
foreach ($vm in $vmservers)
# Target Host - use the same host as the current VM ( this is faster than cloning across hosts ).
$targethost = $
# Source VM Name
$vmname = $vm.Name
# Target VM Name - name if BACKUP is FALSE
$vmtarget = $vm.Name
$datastore = get-datastore $datastore -vmhost $targethost
if ($backup -eq "TRUE") {
# Clone the VM to backup_vmname_todaysdate
$vmtarget = "backup_" + $vmtarget + "_" + $datestart
# nice colors if you are watching the script run
write-host -foregroundcolor green "Cloning $vm to $vmtarget"
if ($debug -ne "TRUE") {
# actually clone the VM.
new-vm -name $vmtarget -vm $vm -vmhost $targethost -datastore $datastore -Location $targetlocation -DiskStorageFormat thin
# See if the clone succeded and log the status.
if (get-vm $vmtarget) {
echo "Cloned $vmname to $vmtarget on $targethost disk $datastore" >> $logfile
else {
echo "Failed Cloning $vmname to $vmtarget on $targethost" >> $logfile
# end foreach loop