A library to access the information located on Sakai installations.
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A library to access the information located on Sakai installations. This can be thought more of a 'pretty wrapper' around the REST interface that Sakai gives you.

I'm mainly a Java developer so anyone with more Python experience is more than welcome to make a pull request to clean it up!

I made this library so people can access the Sakai information at their schools (I'm @ Rutgers) more easily through Python.

You can install SakaiPy with pip by typing in the following command:

pip install SakaiPy

I'll usually make a blog post about each new version at my website. https://blog.willkara.com


  • Integrate services available under Sakai's WebServices directory.
  • Add events to Google Calendar.
  • Add more Sakai tools and more functionality for each tool.
  • Better HTTP Code error handling- If something breaks return a code, or a reason depending on how Sakai handles the error.


from SakaiPy import SakaiPy

info = {'username': 'willkara',
        'password': '8675309eeine',
        'baseurl': 'https://sakai.rutgers.edu'}

sak = SakaiPy.SakaiPy(info)


### Sakai Documentation

**ALL** of the data,endpoints and documentation can be found @ <<Sakai Installation URL>>/direct/describe. 

BTW: In no way,shape,form or Universe does Rutgers University endorse or have anything to do with this library. I made it myself. This library also does not speak for the Sakai Community Project either.