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What's new in richard
.. contents::
Version 0.2: In development
* New API v2! Built on django-rest-framework, it should be simpler,
easier, and less buggy. See documentation for API details.
* Switched to django-configurations. You'll have to update your settings files,
but understanding where settings are coming from should now be much easier.
**Backwards-incompatible changes:**
* Ditched API v1. It used tastypie and I jettisoned that.
* To use API v2, you'll need to create new API tokens in the admin in
the Token section.
* Switched from Jinja2 templates to Django templates. If you had your
own theme, you'll have to redo it with Django templates.
**Other changes:**
* Moved a bunch of files from ``richard/`` to the new base app in
``richard/base/``. This cleans up the richard project directory a
* Updated to django-haystack 2.0.
* Cleaned up the search page a bit. Added a category facet.
* Cleaned up video listing pages.
* Category pages now show draft videos if you're an admin.
* Updated to Django 1.6.
* Updated requirements.
Version 0.1: May 18th, 2013
* categories, speakers, videos
* lots of metadata
* RSS feeds for videos, categories, site news
* site news
* basic search
* admin section
* JSON API for querying the data and adding data
**Backwards-incompatible changes:**
* None since this is the initial release.
**Other changes:**
* Everything since this is the intitial release.
**Thank you!:**
Thank you to all the following folks who contributed code or reported bugs
or otherwise helped with this release!
* Adam Zapletal
* Alejandro Gómez
* Andrew Szeto
* Carl Karsten
* Chris Lawlor
* David Winterbottom
* Eduard-Cristian Stefan
* Eka Putra
* Fernando Gutierrez
* Frank Ploss
* Gledi Caushaj
* lukegotszling
* Miki Tebeka
* Nathan Villaescusa
* Nes.quik
* Pavel Savchenko
* Reiner Gerecke
* Ricky Rosario
* Riley Labrecque
* Roy Hyunjin Han
* Senthil Kumaran
* Sheila Miguez
* Spencer Herzberg
* Will Kahn-Greene