Sizecoding a trans pride flag in x86 DOS assembly.
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Makefile Initial version Dec 14, 2018

CGA Trans Flag

This is a tiny piece of x86 assembly which, on DOS, will render a trans flag using CGA Palette 1.

Trans Flag

From this tweet of mine.


The provided Makefile depends on NASM (I've tested using NASM 2.13 but older versions should work fine).
Just run make from a shell and you should be good to go.

This Makefile was kindly provided by @Foone.


Run on a system with CGA compatible graphics, or inside your favorite DOS emulator (DOSBox et al).
Exit the program by pressing ESC.


Because I realised that CGA Palette 1 roughly matches the trans pride colors, and that was enough for me to spend an evening browsing to learn assembly.