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Scaling Best Practices with Syntax Trees

Slides and material for a conference talk


There's a myriad of good and bad ways to write our JavaScript-and it keeps evolving! ES2015 is here, ES2016 is coming soon, and the language is changing faster than ever.

Fortunately, there is also a revolution in JavaScript tooling. New tools are here to help us understand and improve our code. Let's look at one of these tools, ESLint, and write our own rules to detect patterns in computer language. While we're at it, let's rediscover how languages are parsed, analyzed, and represented as abstract syntax trees.

Slides - November 2015

Nodevember - November 2015


The slides have a simple, self-contained example, along with the code snippet for a simple ESLint rule. This repo has a richer example, a clone of TodoMVC in React. It also has the same rule broken out into a plugin, along with tests that you can run to experiment with modifications.


To run the Mocha tests for the ESLint plugin, cd into the code/eslint-plugin-demo directory and run:

npm test

Further Learning


Maintaining JavaScript Code Quality with ESLint - by Jamund Ferguson

Lint Like It's 2015 - by Dan Abramov

Detect Problems in JavaScript Automatically with ESLint - by Jani Hartikainen

Understanding the Real Advantages of Using ESLint - by Evan Schultz

Using eslint alongside the Firefox Hello code base to help productivity - by Standard8

Get Started with ESLint v1.0 - by Ian VanSchooten

Linting JavaScript in 2015 - by Lauritz Hilsøe


ESLint - Pluggable JavaScript linter

Esprima Parser demo and related blog post by Ariya Hidayat

metajs: visualize JavaScript AST execution - for visualizing code stepping


ESLint: Working with Rules - doc for writing rules in ESLint

ESTree Spec - core ESTree AST node types

ESTree ES6 Spec - extensions to the core ESTree AST types to support the ES6 grammar

Other Conference Talks

Gurdas Nijor @ React.js Conf - Unlocking the Structure of Your React Applications with the AST

Mark Knichel @ JSConf EU 2014 - JavaScript Tools at Scale Using Type Information

Dann Toliver @ JSConf US 2015 - Visualizing Process Evolution


JavaScript Jabber 162 - ESLint with Jamund Ferguson


ESLint Gitter Chat - These folks are very helpful

Tweet me @willslab


Talk for Nodevember & 2015



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