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Minimalistic Electron React Boilerplate Code

This is a minimal Electron React boilerplate code using webpack and webpack-loader. It's simple and you can built upon starter code. I know there are tons of boilerplate code out there but either they are too tricky for beginner or just a pain. I wanted to code my app not stuck in configuring for a year. Feel free to improve by commiting changes

To Use

To clone and run this repository you'll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer. From your command line:

# Clone this repository
git clone your-project-name
# Go into the repository
cd your-project-name
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Start the webpack first
npm run dev
# In different terminal, start app
npm start

After making changes to renderer.js hit Ctrl+R in app window to reload manually There is no hot reloading. This is a minimal boilerplate code that will just get you started.

**IMPORTANT** Everytime you change something (in any js file) you have to change something in render.js( type something then comment it out) and hit Ctrl+ R to recompile everything

Learn more about Electron and its API in the documentation.