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Code Reviews

I'm offering reviews for free and open source projects.

The reviews will focus on API design and general architection of your project with a view to making them a) more maintainable b) future proof and c) user friendly, but will avoid anything that a linter could do for you. Reviews are intended to be constructive and hopefully give advice you can act on, but are in no way a "grade".

I won't need to run your code to do a review and reviews aren't intended to fix bugs.

All reviews will be public and will be published in the repo in a markdown file. An exception would be for any security issues, where I would notify you first.

What projects can request a review?

Any Python project that is free and open source may request a review, but it must not be commercially backed i.e. full-time paid developers. Commercial sponsorship via GitHub sponsors or other is fine.

There's no size limit for a code review, but for free code reviews I can't realistically review very large projects. If you project is large, you might want to ask me to focus on a given area. What is large in this context, is not yet well defined.

Who can benefit from a review

I would expect small to medium sized projects with a single or small number of contributors would gain the most benefit from a review. Especially, if the project is in a stage where it is able to make potential architectural changes. Larger, more mature, projects with many contributors may not be in a position to affect the changes I recommend!

Requesting a review

To request a review, open an Issue in this repository.

How long will a review take?

It depends on the backlog, but I'm hoping most reviews can be done in a week or two.


Free code reviews for open source projects






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