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FAQtory is a tool to auto-generate a (Frequently Asked Questions) document for your project.

Additionally, a "suggest" feature uses fuzzy matching to reply to GitHub issues with suggestions from your FAQ.

Getting started

Faqtory is best installed via pipx to avoid any dependency conflicts:

pipx install faqtory

Run the following from the directory you wish to store the FAQ document.

faqtory init

This will create the following files and directories:

  • faq.yml A configuration file which you can edit.
  • ./.faq/ A directory which will contain templates.
  • ./questions/ A directory containing question documents.

Adding questions

To add questions create a file with the extension in the questions directory (./questions/ if you are using the defaults).

Question documents are Markdown with front-matter. Here's an example:

title: "What does FAQ stand for?"
  - "What is the meaning of FAQ?"
  - "What does FAQ mean?"

FAQ stands for *Frequently Asked Questions*

The filename is unimportant, but a title is mandatory. You can also optionally add alternative titles under alt_titles which will be used with the faqtory suggest feature (but not displayed).


Run the following command to build the FAQ:

faqtory build

With the default settings this will generate an file.


The "suggest" subcommand can compile a list of FAQ entries that match a supplied issue title. Here's an example:

faqtory suggest "who is the author of FAQtory?"

This will generate a list of matching entries from the FAQ, and write Markdown to stdout. You can modify the output with the "" template, which you will find in your ".faq/" directory (if you haven't configured it elsewhere),

This feature is designed to be used with a GitHub action to post an automated response. To enable this feature, copy new_issue.yml to a similarly named directory in your repository.


This was a hastily put together tool by a maintainer that was tired of responding to the same old issues. I can't devote much time to this project, but I will happily accept PRs!


A tool to generate documents and automatically suggest answers to issues







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