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Application using ReactJS + NodeJS for to monitor build/deploy status in your Continuous Integration server
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Build Checker App

A simple app for check status CI status using Electron JS. For now BuildCheckerApp works with all CI/CD servers that response a CCTray XML file.

Electron app based on React, Redux, React Router, Webpack, React Transform HMR for rapid application development

CCTray format examples:


  • Public repositories:<owner>/<repository>/cc.xml
  • Private repositories:<owner>/<repository>.xml?token=<token>


  • Public/private repositories:<owner>/<repository>/branch/<branchname>/cctray.xml

Circle CI:

  • Public/private repositories:<owner>/<repository>.cc.xml?circle-token=<token>

Wercker CI:

The Wercker CI use HTTP basic auth in your cctray url. For solve this, please use a trick using the URL itself, as specified in RFC 1738. Simply pass the user/pass before the host with an @ sign.

  • Public/private repositories: https://<your-wercker-username>:<your-wercker-password><your-wercker-project-id>/cc/build

For know more about the <your-wercker-project-id>, please access the post on Wercker Blog "Build and deploy status notification with the cctray feed"


Build Checker App


First, clone the repo via git:

git clone <your-project-name>

And then install dependencies.

$ cd <your-project-name> && yarn install

Points to share

  • Please check .nvmrc file. Please run the specific node and npm versions for use this repository;
  • Please make sure that you have Yarn package managemnt installed globally;
$ npm install -g yarn@0.23.4


Run this two commands simultaneously in different console tabs.

$ npm run build-css
$ npm run hot-server
$ npm run start-hot

or run two servers with one command

$ npm run dev

Note: requires a node version >= 4 and an npm version >= 2.

Common issues

If you are running the app in a unix environment, there's an issue about some specific operational system versions (until right now only happens in Ubuntu 0.14) that is about the integration between ElectronJS Tray component and OS. To solve this you need to install libappindicator1 package using this command.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libappindicator1

If you find issues, please feel free to create a new issue in the repository :)


If you use any 3rd party libraries which can't be built with webpack, you must list them in your webpack.config.base.js

externals: [
  // put your node 3rd party libraries which can't be built with webpack here (mysql, mongodb, and so on..)

You can find those lines in the file.

CSS Modules

This boilerplate out of the box is configured to use css-modules.

All .css file extensions will use css-modules unless it has .global.css.

If you need global styles, stylesheets with .global.css will not go through the css-modules loader. e.g.


$ npm run package

To package apps for all platforms:

$ npm run package-all


  • --name, -n: Application name (default: ElectronReact)
  • --version, -v: Electron version (default: latest version)
  • --asar, -a: asar support (default: false)
  • --icon, -i: Application icon
  • --all: pack for all platforms

Use electron-packager to pack your app with --all options for darwin (osx), linux and win32 (windows) platform. After build, you will find them in release folder. Otherwise, you will only find one for your os.

test, tools, release folder and devDependencies in package.json will be ignored by default.

Default Ignore modules

We add some module's peerDependencies to ignore option as default for application size reduction.

  • babel-core is required by babel-loader and its size is ~19 MB
  • node-libs-browser is required by webpack and its size is ~3MB.

Note: If you want to use any above modules in runtime, for example: require('babel/register'), you should move them from devDependencies to dependencies.

Building windows apps from non-windows platforms

Please checkout Building windows apps from non-windows platforms.

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