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##Zork Machine in C# #

Eric Lippert is writing a wonderful blog series, in which he implements a Z-Machine (the virtual machine layer for playing Zork and similar games) in OCaml.

I don't know any OCaml at all, and I wanted to follow along, so I am writing the same code in C#.

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions.

I think, so far, that there is a lot more ceremony in the C# code then in the OCaml code.

For example, my BitSize is a struct in its own source file, and Eric's whole implementation is just type bit_size = Bit_size of int

At first, I was making a million little .cs files that look like this:

public struct SpecialCaseOfInt 
    private int value;
    public SpecialCaseOfInt(int value) 
        this.value = value; 
    public int Value { get {return this.value; } }

That gets pretty annoying, and is not nearly as succinct as the OCaml type system.

I am on the fence about whether to keep these all in their own files. The downside is that I have a whole file where OCaml just has a one liner, but the plus side is that I have a convenient place to keep helper functions.

All these types are as immutable as possible. They are structs, just because they are wrappers around a single value, and all operations that are defined for them return a mutated copy, but don't mutate the original instance.