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IsoCreatorLib is a library edition of original ISO Creator by Bunny Eating Rabbit on SourceForge.

In a nutshell this repo is the fork of the original repo.


This is a .NET Library for creating ISO 9660 Joliet Files. Able to build files from stored folder or virtual and run in separate thread (with progress reporting).


  • GUI Code Removed (build as a library)
  • Uses C# 7.0 Feature and Syntax
  • Redundant Code Removed (in attempt to make the code more readable)
  • Namespace changed to IsoCreatorLib


Pack a folder and its contents to ISO (synchronous):

new IsoCreator().Folder2Iso(@"C:\Path\To\Folder", @"C:\TargetIso.iso", "VOLUME_NAME");

Pack a folder and its contents to ISO (asynchronous):

// Hook up events before starting the process on another thread.

var creator = new IsoCreator();
creator.Progress += delegate (object sender, ProgressEventArgs e) {
    Console.WriteLine($"{e.Action}: {e.Current} of {e.Maximum}");

creator.Finish += delegate (object sender, FinishEventArgs e) {
    Console.WriteLine($"FINISHED: {e.Message}");

creator.Abort += delegate (object sender, AbortEventArgs e) {
    Console.WriteLine($"ABORTED: {e.Message}");

new Thread(new ParameterizedThreadStart(creator.Folder2Iso))
    .Start(new IsoCreatorFolderArgs(@"C:\Path\To\Folder", @"C:\TargetIso.iso", "VOLUME_NAME"));

For GUI and Virtual Folder Demo please refer to the original repo.


Uhh. I will contacting Bunny Eating Rabbit for clarification on this.