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My Passion

I'm a Programmer

Well, there's lot kind of programmer today. What yours?

C#. JS. Go. Anything

Jeez. I think it's the time to look back. What kinds of project you desire at?


I can say you're crazy guy doing abstract things.

Evil Duck

You're abstract guy seeking pelicular arts.


You're pelicular guy loves something artful.


You're Artful guy that wants a demanding product.


You're demanding guy that humbling open source.

I think we stop here. Summary?

You're a crazy programmer that doing abstract things that seeking pelicular arts that loves something artful that wants a demanding product that humbling open source.

Awful. Shortname?

You're a programmer that making crazy-pelicular-artful-demanding-humble tools.

Make it backward

You're a tool-maker-that-crazy-pelicular-artful-demanding-humble programmer

Pick something important

You're an artful programmer

'Programmer' is too generic here, the words loses weights. Pick something that sounds 'artful'

You're an artful Artist

Yeah but we're losing context

You're a Programming Artist.

Jeez. Funky one

You're a Techical Artist.

That's my boy.