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I'm Back!

After couple weeks off the internet since I announce this, I'm now back into projects:

The exam is over -- I'm back into projects!

— WillNode (@willnode) May 8, 2018
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The Plan

This first month I plan to update all of my premium assets with major feature updates:

  • TEXDraw: TEXInput improvements and parsed tokens API
  • Engine4: Full Documentation reworks + Performance improvements + Experimental C++ rendering engine (that gonna be so loong)
  • Camera Projecter: VR support + New Box-based Culling system
  • Simple Procedural Skybox: Mmmm... Nothing :D

Really, I'm never tried C++ before so that C++ engine conversion is gonna be a big challenge for me.

Also, there's also new exciting things that I really want to learn and build actually:

  • Shell Scripts (CMD based (linux contributor wanted, maybe?) batch utils for FFMPEG/ImageMagick for example)
  • Rust (I'll try to convert the Aras' Raytracing toy into Rust)
  • Electron (trying to convert previous C# desktop into Electron)
  • React Native (Also want to build native Androids, too)
  • Electron Runtime (The #1 reason why I hate electron)
  • Online Presense (Hmmm. Promoting things on YouTube and Twitter. Something I hate)

Those might take.... Two months? Anyway I'm excited to do those things again. I'm gonna fill those missing GitHub green contribution marks...

Oh, and Hope you're doing well to! This is a great day after all 😊