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Script for configuration of Windows Subsystem for Linux

This script has been created to help configuring a suitable environment for Debian/Ubuntu inside Windows Subsystem for Linux

Please read the Technical details for more informations


Use with docker for windows

If you want to use Docker For Windows you will need to expose the docker daemon in the docker configuration

Docker port

You may also need to share your c: drive if you want to use volumes on disk

Docker share

Technical details

Installed packages

  • git

  • vim

  • python-minimal

  • python-pip

and dependancies

Docker volume mount

If you want to use docker volume mount, WSL make an incorrect drive mapping, the configuration file for wsl located in /etc/wsl.conf is updated to correct this issue.

Ex: Your C: drive is mapped in /c/

Reset Subsystem

You can reset your environment using the windows option located in Start menu → Settings → Apps → Ubuntu/Debian → Advanced Options

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