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Kotlin/JVM IRC message parsing, serialising and notifying. Provides useful abstractions with the intention of splitting message parsing and IRC state management. Useful for building bots, clients and servers.

Warren is the state tracking counterpart.

Burrow is a new IRC v3.2 server daemon, which uses the parsing and serialising bits of Kale.

Thump is a bridge that lets people chat between Minecraft and IRC whilst they play.


There are basic examples of usage in KaleRunner.kt


  • Own the parsing & serialising bit of IRC clients and servers
  • Let users feed raw lines in, and be notified with strongly typed output messages, covering RFC1459 and IRCv3
  • Verify the above with an extensive suite of unit tests

If this sounds good to you, you can support development through Patreon 🎉!

Code License

The source code of this project is licensed under the terms of the ISC license, listed in the LICENSE file. A concise summary of the ISC license is available at choosealicense.org.


This project uses Gradle for pretty easy setup and building.

The general idea:

  • Setup: ./gradlew clean
  • Building: ./gradlew build
  • Testing: ./gradlew test

If you run in to odd Gradle issues, doing ./gradlew clean usually fixes it.