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💬 A simple, highly configurable Minecraft chat multiplexer with built in IRC support
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Thump is a simple, highly configurable Minecraft chat multiplexer with built in IRC support.

It uses Warren and Kale, two IRCv3.2, unit tested IRC frameworks written in Kotlin.

See the Curse Forge page for current features.

Check the Issues for an idea of what needs doing before the next milestone is released.

Development builds are published at Documentation is on the wiki.

It's mostly written in Kotlin. Sometimes the mixture of Forge, Java and Kotlin doesn't work well (for example, logging) - in these cases, it's written in Java.


  • It's geared towards admins setting up simple server links, with sensible configuration defaults
  • If you don't like the defaults, there are configuration options for almost everything
  • You can "live reload" the mod without restarting your server - change your configuration and do /thump reload
  • Warren and Kale provide a great foundation for a stable IRC bridge


If you use this library and you'd like to support my open-source work, please consider tipping through Patreon.


This mod uses Forge's Gradle wrapper for pretty easy setup and building. There are better guides around the internet for using it, and I don't do anything particularly special.

The general idea:

  • Setup: ./gradlew clean [setupDevWorkspace/setupDecompWorkspace] [idea/eclipse]
  • Building: ./gradlew clean build

If you run in to odd Gradle issues, doing ./gradlew clean usually fixes it.

Code License

The source code of this project is licensed under the terms of the ISC license, listed in the LICENSE file. A concise summary of the ISC license is available at

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