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Developing Tango: Mobile Web Framework

Working on the Tango core framework? With a working development environment:

make test

This runs a series of automated tests. You can add tests to docstrings or .rst documents.

See the various .rst docs and read through the source & git log.


  • TODO: support app.TAB tab completion with code.interact
  • TODO: Build a utility to determine if a link is internal/external to app.

Tool ideas:

  • tango report <site> - where template devs, data devs, & managers meet
  • routes
  • static exports
  • variable exports
  • callable exports
  • provide hints by inspecting exports
  • templates (displaying routes)
  • template variables
  • missing templates
  • general-use test tools, see below

Ideas for test tools for Tango sites:

  • Walk routes, looking for 200 response on each route.
  • Build a coverage report when stash is imported.
  • Report on exports which are not used and template variables which are not defined.
  • Put these ideas together for a site tester which exercises 100% statements, looks for common errors.

See test projects in tests/ directory for example headers.