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tango.manager.Server.handle was missing threaded and processes arguments

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commit 5c92d4b91395d3304e72e26f7766f84f5762ccdd 1 parent 351acac
@willist willist authored
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
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4 tango/
@@ -87,11 +87,13 @@ class Server(BaseServer):
def get_options(self):
return (Option('site'),) + BaseServer.get_options(self)
- def handle(self, _, site, host, port, use_debugger, use_reloader):
+ def handle(self, _, site, host, port, use_debugger, use_reloader,
+ threaded, processes):
site = validate_site(site)
app = get_app(site), port=port, debug=use_debugger,
use_debugger=use_debugger, use_reloader=use_reloader,
+ threaded=threaded, processes=processes,
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