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Vocable AAC for Android

Platform Android license MIT Crowdin Slack

Empowering people to communicate with care takers and loved ones.

Watch the video

Play Store Link


What is Vocable?

Vocable AAC allows those with conditions such as MS, stroke, ALS, or spinal cord injuries to communicate using an app that tracks head movements, without the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on technology to do so.


Multimodal User Interface

Vocable uses ARCore to track the user's head movements and understand where the user is looking at on the screen. This allows the app to be used completely hands-free: users can look around the screen and make selections by lingering their gaze at a particular element.

For users with more mobility, the app can be operated by touch.

Saved Phrases

Use a list of common phrases provided by speech language pathologists, or create and save your own.

Full QWERTY Keyboard

Type with your head or your hands.


For the current progress on features, please visit the project board.

For a high-level roadmap, see the Vocable Roadmap


We'd love to translate Vocable into as many languages as possible. If you'd like to help translate, please visit our Crowdin project. Thanks for helping people communicate all around the world! 🌎🌍🌏


We love contributions! To get started, please see our Contributing Guidelines.

Device Requirements


Matt Kubota, Kyle Ohanian, Duncan Lewis, Ameir Al-Zoubi, and many more from WillowTree 💙.


vocable-android is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

Other Variants

vocable-ios is available on Apple Play Store and is also open-source.