A grunt-based boilerplate for building javascript heavy web applications.
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#WAT's webapp-boilerplate


The webapp-boilerplate is a collection of configuration files and organization conventions designed to ease the process of bootstrapping new javascript heavy web applications at WTA. It uses grunt as a build tool and compass to generate CSS. Both tools require some minimal setup.


  1. Clone this repo and point it at a new git repository for your project.

  2. Install node. If you're on OSX, there's a handy pkg installer available on the node homepage. This is the recommended method of installation.

  3. Install compass. Compass is available as a ruby gem. You should be able to do gem install compass, though you might use sudo depending on your gem setup.

  4. Install the grunt CLI as a global node package. npm install -g grunt-cli

  5. Install the dependencies for your project. From the root of this repo, run npm install. This will read the packages.json file and install packages into ./node_modules.

  6. Start the development server with grunt serve.