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iNaturalist photo download script

Will Pearse (

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Allows you to search iNaturalist from the command line, as well as download images of various resolutions.


  • Ruby
  • Ruby gems:
    • optparse
    • open-uri
    • json
    • nokogiri
    • CSV may be that some of the above gems aren't needed by the script, but they're in the requires section at the top regardless :p


The files should be executable by default. If not, something like ruby search.rb --help or ruby dwn_pics.rb --help will give you an example of how to run each script.

Each script has required variables (the species to download, a file to save metadata, and an existing folder to save pictures to for dwn_pics.rb). If the script is giving you an error, and it works on my computer (which it does), then it's probably something you've done, not me...