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wl: Will's Library of Will

A note-taking system for those tired of complications

##Licence See file LICENCE. GPL v2.

##Overview If you have any of:

  • folder(s) of PDFs you've read
  • a file containing notes about those PDFs
  • a folder(s) of notes about meetings or ideas
  • a desire to simply search them ...this is the program for you.


  1. Open up 'wl.rb' and add each parameter. Examples are given; remember that folder can have sub-folders that will also be searched.
  2. (optional) run something like sudo ln -s /home/user/wl/wl.rb /usr/bin/wl to let you run wl more easily
  3. Done!

##Examples searches

  • wl -p tilman - search for papers written by Tilman, and any notes you've written about his papers
  • wl -p tilman -o 2 - as above, but open the second PDF the program finds
  • wl -n tilman - search your folder of notes and meetings (NOTE: different from you file with notes about papers) for anything by Tilman
  • wl -n tilman --thorough - as above, but also search inside files in your notes folder. You can make this the default behavour by editing wl.rb as described above.

##Notes This is hardly likely to be the best way to store things. This just happens to work well for me. The script is not battle-tested, and will break if you ask it things it can't figure out (e.g., don't search for PDFs if you have no PDF directory).

It is easy to edit this; e.g., to make it search a directory of notes on papers. I occasionally update this, and have vague plans to make more features. Ask if interested.