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Localization Kit - Javascript

This is the initial version of KIT for Javascript. This currently supports localization delivery for your javascript or nodejs app.


  • Easy to integrate javascript library
  • Web hosted strings
  • Web portal for realtime updates


  • Live update
  • Modify in page ui
  • String auto detection

Use by Installation

npm install --save localizationkit

Get a developer key from where you can create a new app and generate a key.

Start the localization engine:

var LocalizationKit =  require('localizationkit')
Localization = new LocalizationKit("[[API_KEY]]")

Use as script tag

If you want to include the localization as a script tag you dont need to call load a language as it detects the browser language.

<script src="//[[API_KEY]]/localizationkit.js"></script>

How to use

Load language

Not needed when you load as script unless you want to change language

Localization.loadLanguage("en", function(){
	console.log("English Language loaded")

Get String

var localizedString = Localization.getValue("com.general")